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Business name Universe Club
Start of service 15 November 2011
Business Management, operation and consulting of dating club “Universe Club”
Business License Tokyo Metropolitan Police Reception Number: 1292
Head Office Location Shibuya, Tokyo
*To protect the privacy of our members, we do not disclose this information in full.
Telephone Number 050-3647-0966
E-mail Address
Capital 30 million yen
Number of employees 90 employees
Main Banks Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Legal Adviser Law Firm: Taikou Law Office
Administrative Lawyers: LINX

*The name of the management company is not available to non-members to protect the privacy of our members.


Company History

Since our inception in 2011, Universe Club has been committed to being an honest, sincere and transparent dating club that is safe and secure.
Today, we still aim to continue providing safe and secure dates for our members, and we have opened branches all over Japan to increase the possibility of better encounters. Here we trace some of the highlights of our growth so far.

Establishment – The early days of Universe Club

Ginza Universe Club is founded in November 2011 with the concept of “Recreating the thrill of the moment” and an official website and members-only page.

The club starts off with 110 female members, 30 male members, 1 branch and 1 employee.

The following year, in January 2012, the company changes its name to “Universe Club” in order to expand into the region, and opens a branch in Nagoya in July, followed by another in Fukuoka in November, and an International Division to serve foreign residents in Japan.
With approximately 370 female members, 110 male members and 5 employees, this is a major catalyst for the subsequent development of the business.

The creation of “Papa-Katsu” and promotional activities

In 2015, the Yokohama branch opens in January, and in April, the Web Production Department is established, bringing the total number of female members to 2900, male members to 910, and the number of employees to 30, further strengthening the club.

Representative Kida also appears on TV to advocate “Papa-katsu” (literally “daddy activity”). This leads to a rapid increase in the number of female members, as the word “Papa-katsu” and the name “Universe Club” spread nationwide.

The following year, 2016, we open the Kyoto branch in January, the Omiya branch in May, and the Chiba branch in November. We now have approximately 5,700 female members, 1,100 male members, 45 employees, and more than 10 branches in our fifth year in business.

In addition, a new owned media “Darling by Universe Club” is launched. The club’s visibility also accelerates rapidly.

2017 – Present

Further acceleration of branch development with the opening of the Kobe branch in January and the Hiroshima branch in February. We now have approximately 7100 female members, 1900 male members and 80 employees.

In addition, we have strengthened our owned media by renewing our English website as Universe Club Internatinal and launching a new women’s column site, Cinderella by Universe Club.