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In order to maintain public trust in our business and to ensure the appropriateness and soundness of our service, Universe Club is committed to thoroughly cutting off not making any relations with anti-social forces that pose a threat to civil society order and safety.

1. Any relationship blockade, including transaction

With anti-social forces, it does not have the any relationship, including the trading relationship. Also, it does not respond to the unreasonable demands by antisocial forces. It should be noted that the same applies to the case of carrying out financing transactions by partnering with other companies (consumer credit company, etc.).

2. Correspondence as an organization

It provided the grounds for expressly to such regulations, noting the safety of employees, the president, the corresponding overall organization.

3. Cooperation with external specialized agencies

Equipped to respond to anti-social forces, carry out than normal circumstances, police, violence exile movement Promotion Center, in close cooperation with external specialized agencies of the lawyers.

4.Legal response to unreasonable demands

Against unreasonable request by anti-social forces, carry out the legal correspondence.

5.Prohibition of backroom deals and funding

Back transactions to conceal the fact, not done at all. In addition, funding to anti-social forces, not performed at all.”