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New Promotional Campaigns

New Promotional Campaigns

Universe Club has launched three new campaigns for new and existing female members: - Registration Bonus for New Members - Single Mother support campaign - Referral Bonus campaign We ...

Posted by singapore on 12/5/2022

Referral Bonus Campaign

Universe Club has renewed its referral program for ladies! Earn $100 for every friend you refer to Universe Club. Promotion overview Existing female members who introduce their friends to the club will receive $100 via bank...

Posted by singapore on 6/5/2022

Single Mother Support Campaign

Universe Club Singapore and International are now offering a one-time registration bonus for single mothers registering with Universe Club. Promotion overview New female members who register with Universe Club and inform u...

Posted by singapore on 5/5/2022

Amazon Giftcard Bonus for Female Registrations

Universe Club Singapore and International are now offering a one-time registration bonus for all new and re-registering female members. Promotion overview All new or returning female members who join Universe Club will rec...

Posted by singapore on 5/5/2022

Universe Club Members’ Website Renewal

Universe Club Members’ Website Renewal

Thank you to all our members for your continued support! This might sound sudden, but the members' website will soon be upgraded for even greater convenience! Everyone, how has your dating life been so far at Un...

Posted by singapore on 18/4/2022

The Diary of Riene: 2022/3/20

Hello everyone! To think it's been one whole month since I last updated personally... For that, I'm really sorry! It's been a rather hectic month as we've had some pretty big projects in the works, and I've also been hel...

Posted by singapore on 20/3/2022

The Diary of Riene: 2022/2/21

Hello everybody! It's been a really long time since I wrote a blog - it must have been about a month, hasn't it? I'm really sorry about that. The past month has been a really busy period of time, both professionally and personal...

Posted by singapore on 21/2/2022

The Diary of Riene: 20/01/2022

Hello everyone, hope you're doing well again today! I wanted to talk a little about the update to letter date services, as it might be a bit confusing for those of us in Singapore! It mentions "state of emergency" and "pr...

Posted by singapore on 20/1/2022

The Diary of Riene: 15/01/2022

Hello everyone! I hope you all have been doing well~ We're two weeks into 2022 already, aren't we? I took my booster shot earlier this week, and well... it really knocked me out 😅 I didn't really have any side effects from my fi...

Posted by singapore on 15/1/2022

The Diary of Riene: 10/01/2022

Hello everybody! We're 10 days into 2022 - how has it been so far? I hope you have all had a restful holiday over the last week of 2021, and have entered 2022 with fresh minds~ The first week of work for me has been quite alright too, a...

Posted by singapore on 10/1/2022

We wish you a Happy New Year!

Universe Club wishes you a very happy new year! May your 2022 be filled with blessings and joy! Please be reminded that we will be closed from 31st December to 2nd January, resuming all operations once we return from our New Year's bre...

Posted by singapore on 31/12/2021

The Diary of Riene: 29/12/2021

Here's a little cultural lesson for today! Do you know what a bōnenkai is? Literally a "forget the year gathering", it's typically a party held at the end of the year between coworkers, friends etc. It's about forgetting th...

Posted by singapore on 29/12/2021