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Who is Ishida Katutaka? Sugar Daddy, Sugar Baby, Escort?

Who is Ishida Katutaka? Sugar Daddy, Sugar Baby, Escort?

Am I a Sugar Daddy? Am I a Sugar Baby? Or am I an Escort Babe?

I do sometimes sound like I'm a CEO or board member of Universe Club, I'm just a Universe Club PR marketing staff. 

"Me, just a dedicated staff! Ulala~! Hehehehe"

I realised that I hadn't written anything about me, and there might be people wondering who the heck is this guy popping in and out of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, blogs and even meeting with members or replying to emails in Universe Club?


First steps in Universe Club

I first appeared in Universe Club, the sugar daddy and sugar baby concierge service, and what was called back then, the International division, recently now called the Universe group International Japan, as a bilingual concierge staff.
There was only two of us at the helm trying to steer the ship to make sales in Tokyo with our foreign sugar daddies with our Japanese Sugar babies, and also with Japanese Sugar daddies with foreign Sugar babies. I'll tell you, it was tough.

Then our division grew eventually to a four staff team. But even with the new hands-on board, boy oh boy, we still had a lot to do to get a stable result.

I had previously worked at a website system company, experiencing in renewing or making new websites, making sure the "all-mighty" Google registered the sites as well as building programs to run with the websites for customer relations, orders, etc. 
So, naturally, I wanted to renew the Universe Club English website to be more mobile-friendly as well as easier to navigate through, and most importantly, to have proper English grammar as the website at the time had Google-translated English. 

To save time, and to have somebody dedicated to coding the new English website, we outsourced the project, and I directed the progress with a partner who will I'll mention later.


Lightning struck, and I was flung offboard. 

I was not fired from the company but was taken out of the International division. Where did I end up?

The former parent company of the Sugar Daddy Sugar Baby dating Universe Club had an all-foreign client escort service called "Tokyo Hentai Club" or more commonly known as "THC". It was undergoing staff revisions which resulted in losing all four staff except one.
The head of operations also changed back to the original manager, who had successfully opened the THC two years ago. At this point, he had moved onwards to start other services and was pissed that he had to go back managing a service that he had thought he had left in good hands. I had met with the original manager on numerous occasions. He was also the one who helped and worked with me to renew the Universe Club English website. Because of working alongside him with the English website renewal, he asked his boss, who was the former boss of Kida (CEO of Universe Club), if he could have me for a couple of months to help in rebuilding the "all-foreign client escort service" THC. 


Gonna try this Escort service, Ha!

What went through my head when I was asked to help THC was the same as if any other person would think. "Escort service?, Hentai Club?, WTF".

But then I was thinking about the experience I would get in handling foreign clienteles meet their expectations in an Escort service, how I would then be able to use that knowledge to market more clients towards the Sugar Daddy Sugar Baby dating service Universe Club. I will not lie. I am a man; the sound of working with stunning looking ladies was appealing too. But alas, there was nothing to be excited about working in an escort service. I was mainly tasked in taking over and simplifying booking operations. It was tough having to cope with a three-person process by yourself. Never the less, I kept pounding forward and made to somewhat simple operation flow that any part-time staff can handle. 

The managements of THC and Universe Club and myself were planning for me only help out for three months. However, I stayed for a total of 11. After those 11 months, I was told if I wanted to go back to Universe Club International division as a manager or become a manager of a more up-class, luxurious escort service called "Elite" for foreigners. I took the "Elite" offer. Don't judge me by that LOL. I wanted to gain more experience in a more upper-class service as didn't  I had enough data to be able to improve. 

What happened next made me want to throw myself out the window.

And I will write about this next week.

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