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Sugar dating and Coronavirus?

Sugar dating and Coronavirus?

Has Covid-19 affected Sugar Dating in Universe Club in the past month? Honestly speaking, Well definitely YES! 

As Singaporeans and the rest of the World are in full panic mode, here at Universe Club we are worried but not to the extent of panic yet. As we do have pretty strict restrictions and regulations that we follow to keep both our members and potential members safe and protected.

For example, if any members have been traveling overseas in the past 2 weeks we do not schedule and dates or interviews and we constantly follow up with our sugar babies' health to ensure everyone is healthy and able to sugar date safely! 

We have also introduced a new Online dating service to combat the coronavirus! Currently, Sugar daddies can schedule a video date at 50% off! 


heartPros for Sugar Daddies

⇒Able to speak to the sugar baby before a physical date

⇒Gauge Sugar babies personality and shared interest

Discount from UC for dates smiley


heartPros for sugar Babies

⇒Only required to make up half your body cheeky

⇒Able to decide if there is Chemistry before scheduling a date

⇒Free Screening for ladies before the first date 

⇒Impress Sugar daddies with your awesome personality rather than your physical looks

⇒Reduce Awkwardness on the first date! 


Sugar babies and daddies, please remember to stay safe during this troubling time. We at Universe Club will do out utmost to ensure that everyone enjoys their dates in a safe and responsible manner! 


Jack Tan  

Universe Club Singapore

Contact us in WhatsApp for a direct reply from our coordinator staff in the Singapore branch for how to have a sugar daddy or be a sugar baby in Universe Club.

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