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Is sugar dating SAFE for me???

Is sugar dating SAFE for me???

There are a lot of concerns about safety when it comes to sugar dating, and they are certainly warranted. However, there are risks to everything, including your usual online dating apps like Tinder. The risks are different though – getting ghosted or even catfished is a common worry with other sites. With Universe Club, with dates scheduled upfront and interviews held with every potential member, you can be certain that you are meeting the exact person you have been told about, right on time. ⌚

Still, with all the safety measures that we have taken, don't forget to take your own precautions, sugar babies! You are still meeting someone that you do not know well, so here are some super easy tips that you can make use of to ensure that the relationship is safe and smooth-sailing!

Stick to your alias 📃

This is absolutely important – protect your privacy using an alias that no one else knows you by! For example, perhaps you have all your friends call you Annabelle. Try not to pick a name like “Anna”, “Anne”, “Belle” etc for your club name. Go for something completely different, like Elizabeth, Sarah, etc. 👍

This actually goes for your personal information as well, such as your workplace, living address, social media usernames, etc. If pressured, try to answer something a little vague (eg the nearest MRT station for addresses), and politely reject the gentleman by letting him know you are only comfortable with such info to be disclosed at a later time.

With the prevalence of social media in our lives, almost anything can be used to track you down if you are not careful. With an alias, you can keep your personal, private life safe from prying eyes. Of course, we trust that our registered gentlemen will respect you and your privacy, but it never hurts to be safe. 

Learn how to say no ❌

Saying no can be difficult, and we have all heard various horror stories of men continuing to make advances on a lady even after being rejected. As much as we screen and verify every gentleman who applies to join our club, we are only human after all and we cannot guarantee that every man is the perfect gentleman he claims to be 😭

But don’t let this turn you off from becoming a sugar baby! You have every right to say no if the gentleman makes you uncomfortable. It would be best to reject him gracefully, (we have found that reasons such as being ill, or being on your period, have been taken badly by the men) so genuine, polite reasons (eg your dating type, want to talk more first, discuss arrangements first) are less likely to provoke them ^^

Furthermore, we collect feedback after dates, and if you have any concerns regarding the behaviour of the gentleman, you can always let us know. We are not able to interfere in financial matters, but otherwise, we will investigate and take appropriate action to keep Universe Club safe for every single member. 👍

Getting a friend for safety 👯‍♀️

We get that sugar dating can have quite a bad reputation, and perhaps you are afraid to let your friends know that you are a sugar baby. If you have a trusted best friend who you can rely on, that’d be the best of course, but what if you don’t have one?

That’s where online forums and sites come in, such as Reddit. Find a “sugar buddy”, and your fellow sugar babies can give you more advice on the sugar dating lifestyle! What better friends and advice than from those who have walked the walk, right? 💃

However, we do recommend having at least one trusted friend in real life who at least knows your location, the time of the date, etc. That way, you can go out safely, knowing that someone has got your back, if there should be any trouble!

Meeting in public 🍸

Always, always insist on a public meeting spot, and never go into the gentleman’s car even if he offers, especially on the first date. Of course, if have entered a long-term sugar relationship where you feel you can trust the gentleman enough to do so, that is up to you. However, outside of that, always take public transport, Grab etc, to and fro your dates. Your allowance from your sugar daddy should cover that! If it doesn't… well, maybe it's time to find a gentleman who can treat you right. 😅

Set clear boundaries 🔒

Make sure that you discuss what exactly you need and what arrangements you are open to making with your potential sugar daddy. It can be terrifying to discuss money matters in particular, or if you are afraid of being seen as greedy, but trust me – your sugar daddy will understand. These gentlemen have made money through a lot of hard work, and would be happy to support you! With the rising cost of living (and Singapore being the most expensive city to live in 😲), be clear with your sugar daddy about what you need.

Also, ensure that you are comfortable with whatever arrangements you make. If your potential sugar daddy suggests something that you are hesitant about or uncomfortable with, negotiate firmly or at least let him know you need time to decide. Mutual respect goes a long way towards a beneficial relationship on both sides. If you must reject him, again do so politely and wish him well – may you both meet someone understanding of your respective needs!

Riene Skye

Universe Club Singapore

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