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WHO is talking to me on Whatsapp? LINE? WeChat? Email?

WHO is talking to me on Whatsapp? LINE? WeChat? Email?

Hi everyone! This is Rei Tanaka!

So I have been working for Universe Club for a few months (since December 2019 when we first opened in Singapore). However we did not have the time to write our self-introduction blogs because things were busy and we were in the midst of training + boosting sales + etc…

We currently have 3 concierge stationed here in Singapore – 

Jack Tan 💁‍♂

Rei Tanaka 💁‍♀

Riene Skye 💁‍♀


The answer to the blog title is that: we three take turns to answer to all of you, so it really depends. Lol. Sometimes you can notice a change in the style of writing but don't worry, we all know what is going on. 😆👌


Since Universe Club runs on communication between the sugar daddies, sugar babies and the concierges, we will be publishing self-introduction blogs for you guys to know us(the concierge) better.

You can read Riene's blog here! 



Some information about me…


▶ I am a big fan of the band RADWIMPS! ♫

▶ My favorite TV show is Monday Late Show (Getsuyô kara Yofukashi) 😂😂😂 


Before I started this job I thought it is so interesting. I knew what is sugar dating years ago because some gossip articles will occasionally mention how some girls are suspected to have sugar daddies because they are so young but have so many pricey pocessions. 

We welcome anyone who comes to Universe Club to become a sugar baby or sugar daddy. It is a relationship that is decided between two consenting adults so no one sholuld be judgemental. But we understand that sugar dating is still rather new in Singapore so it will take time to change the public opinion. 


I strive to provide the best service to our sugar babies and sugar daddies! If you come to Universe Club Singapore Branch, I assure you that we will try our best in satisfying your requests and clear up all your queries about our service. 

I may be the youngst out of the three of us but I pride myself on learning fast ☺


Riene and I can both speak Japanese.

Besides Japanese, I am also good at Mandarin and English so please do not hesitate to use any of the these languages to contact us! 







大家好。我的名字叫Tanaka Rei,是宇宙约会俱乐部新加坡分店的一名员工。我们分店于12月3日起正式开始营业,至今已经有三个多月了。









Rei Tanaka 

Universe Club Singapore

Contact us in WhatsApp for a direct reply from our coordinator staff in the Singapore branch for how to have a sugar daddy or be a sugar baby in Universe Club.

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Be a Sugar Daddy in Universe Club

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Be a Sugar Baby in Universe Club

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