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SHOCKING! Even gentlemen turns into wolves…?

SHOCKING! Even gentlemen turns into wolves…?

Is this safe? I don't get to see the sugar daddies' face before I meet them? 

Do I really want to try out being a sugar baby? Like seriously? *gets paranoid and doubtful*

Do not worry, we totally understand. It is unnerving and uncertain. 

Have you ever heard of dating app horror stories? It need not be sugar dating related. For one thing, I sure have heard my share of shocking adventures on dating apps such as Txnder, OKCuxid. There has also been complaints from ladies who came to our interview about the guys they have met through those apps. 

Not to mention that creepy guy who keeps trying to slide into your Instagram DMs… Haha. 

We get it! All your worries are valid and good points to consider. In this blog post, we shall attempt to address some of these paranoia. But of course, we are not here for lies and rose-tinted glasses, so here is the truth. 

Just like other dating platforms, there has been some unpleasant experiences at Universe Club, but relatively few as compared to our positive feedback. Nevertheless, we will be revealing one of such instances to our readers, just to prove that we have encountered difficulties before. Of course, we are unable to go into much detail due to privacy issues.

A potential sugar daddy invited a sugar baby to dinner. They had a good meal. Despite her dating type being B (for dating types of Universe Club, see this blog), he said that he had booked a hotel room today. (Dating Types are explained in this post) He said that he had paid for the booking and dinner just for her. The sugar baby found it hard to decline the male maybe-sugar daddy, because he said such things to her, so she followed him up to the room…

And who knows what had happened in the room…


This issue was raised to us by the sugar baby with a call to the club. She was angry at herself for not having enough courage to reject him. 

Or course, we were also very shaken by this feedback. We gave the feedback and warning to our sugar daddy member and he has since changed his ways. Afterall, such a story will not reflect well on his character, and he is wise enough to be a true gentleman from then on.

Please remember that sugar babies have the absolute right to decline a room offer in regards to her dating type and also chemistry. Especially if she is a Type A or B. Do not feel embarrassed or guilty to reject, since he is pressuring you. It is NOT against club rules to decline such advances on the first date as we are NOT an escort service, but sugar dating.

What we have to say is that: joining Universe Club is a much tamer option, both for sugar daddies and sugar babies.

So the sugar baby may be afraid to meet a stranger, because who knows what will happen when they meet offline, alone? No one can promise for sure that the individual is sincere and truly wants a sugar dating relationship. They may be after a simple one night stand, don’t have much money, or even want a role-reversal… (not surprising given the volume of sugar mommy requests we receive)

For Universe Club, if there is anything wrong with the date partner, no matter sugar daddy or sugar baby, they can directly contact Universe Club for clarification and help if needed. It is alright to contact Universe Club even during the date if you feel that you are being taken advantage of unfairly. Our staff will be on duty to answer to your queries, 11am-8pm everyday. 

One aspect we proud ourselves on is that we will meet every interested pre-member and have an interview/ meeting with them. Only sugar daddies and sugar babies who understand our service and what kind of sugar dating relationship we are helping to set up can join us as members. 

This way, there is a factor of safety and reliance that the sugar baby and sugar daddy meeting each other will be sure that their partner is seeking a sugar dating relationship. This way, Universe Club has helped filter out the insincere and ‘blur’ individuals who have no idea what is sugar dating. The only few factors which may affect your sugar dating relationship will be the compatibility, open-ness and chemistry of sugar babies and sugar daddies. 

Not every date will turn out just picture-perfect. That is simply unrealistic. Of course, there has been some mishaps, and we are all about learning from our mistakes + improving together (alongside our sugar babies and sugar daddies).

Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide if Universe Club is for you.

What do you think?


Now there is a perfect solution to keep dangers of your sugar dating relationship… Meet them ONLINE first, of course! Our sugar babies and sugar daddies will be able to meet online during this COVID-19 situation. Only decide to meet if you feel that there is chemistry! Pretty good eh? heart

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Take this chance and join us for more fun!


Rei Tanaka 

Universe Club Singapore


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