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Filling the Void with Sugar

Filling the Void with Sugar

A couple of weeks back, I wrote a blog on common myths in sugar dating, with one of the biggest ones being the notion of sugar daddies as nothing more than sleazy married men looking to cheat on their ignorant, faithful wives with pretty young girls. While very much untrue, married sugar daddies do exist and make up a sizable portion of our own members.

Now, before you bring out the pitchforks and torches, let me reiterate that we at Universe Club do not encourage affairs and never will. We are simply a service that exists to be used and do not claim responsibility for the actions of other people – the very same people could be found on any other website, if not our own.

With that said, there exists a variety of reasons why people would choose to use our service, married or not. Now, I'm no man, let alone a married one (or even a wealthy one…), so of course I cannot speak from personal experience. But I have read several articles, blogs, and forums, which I think might give me some more insight!

Thus the reason why I named this blog so – to fill some kind of void in their lives, and one that is usually emotional. With my own feelings about marriage and relationships put aside, I wish to delve into the psyche of married sugar daddies and the sugar babies who date them.


Now, this applies mostly to single sugar daddies, but one very much worth mentioning. Many sugar daddies have, in the pursuit of their careers and financial success, neglected relationships and family. Even now, they may still be too busy to date regularly, with the seemingly never-ending pressure of work.

Women may be easy to meet in their social circles or dating apps, but with such hectic work schedules, gentlemen may find it difficult to fully commit to a typical relationship. And most women would, understandably, be frustrated if the men they date have no time for them!

Enter sugar dating. Most sugar dating relationships come without strings attached, and expectations are made very clear. A sugar baby will understand that her sugar daddy won't always have time for her, and not hold it against him. Thus the days when they do have a date are made special and treasured, and expectations are managed on both sides.

A Lost Spark

For married sugar daddies, home may be difficult for them even if they are happily married. I read a blog where someone’s sugar daddy was just desperately lonely as his wife was ill and bedridden, and could not help but sympathise.

Something might just feel lacking. Maybe there's no longer any sex, or the sex is boring and meaningless. There is no longer that spark of passion that made the relationship enjoyable in the first place.

For some, they turn to sugar dating as a way to recapture that lost spark. It need not always be sexual! It could just be the thrill of the chase, reliving how they felt when they first courted their then-girlfriends. They may just want to meet somebody new and feel that rush from dating a beautiful young lady, even if just for a night.

Some men do not see it as cheating – since no feelings and romance are involved, but a mere meal and perhaps a walk around town. They love their wives dearly, but just need a break from home and their normal lives.

Why Choose Married Sugar Daddies?

Many sugar babies do have compunctions about dating married men, but some do not – and even prefer them. No, not out of any desire to get involved in drama and break up a family, mind you. Instead, they are looking for a drama-free relationship dynamic.

They know discretion is key, and understand that they are not the only one in their sugar daddy’s life. There is no room for clinginess or jealousy on either side (which can often happen otherwise!). Dates are carefully planned, leaving the sugar baby time to focus on work, school etc, instead of having to free up time for spontaneous dates.

In a sense, it may even be one of the “purest” forms of sugar dating. Companionship in exchange for money without any strings attached at all, and mutual respect for each other’s lives and situations, instead of trying to make it like a regular relationship with all its strings and mess.

Does it really matter in the end?

It depends on you! Whatever your reasons may be for sugar dating when married, we neither judge nor encourage them – we just let you be, and provide our service as best as we can. And yes, Universe Club Singapore still remains open and fully operational during the Circuit Breaker period!

Currently, we are offering free membership for gentlemen, and have an online date campaign! Do check us out and give yourself a chance to unwind during this time!

Riene Skye

Universe Club Singapore


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