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7 Sugar Dating Myths DEBUNKED!

7 Sugar Dating Myths DEBUNKED!

My survey last week brought to mind the fact that there are many misconceptions around the entire idea of sugar dating. Not many people know what it really is, and sometimes information out there can be just too much!

For Universe Club, we've answered countless concerns and worries from male and female members alike. With our own wealth of knowledge and experience gathered over the years, we debunk the myths of sugar dating for you!

Myth 1: You must have sex for money 🤑🤑

No, no, and no. This is the most common myth we have heard. Many assume that being a sugar baby means that you must have sex for money – but while many sugar dating relationships can and do involve sex, it is not a main component. Many sugar dating relationships can be purely platonic as well.

Then one would ask, what's in it for the men if not sex? The answer to that is, quite simply, companionship. It is understandably hard for many successful businessmen to meet ladies when they are spending long hours at work every day, so sugar dating provides a platform for them to socialise with and meet ladies on their own time.

Myth 2: Sugar babies are all young and skinny 💅👯‍♀️

Again, not really! Lots of advertisements one might come across will feature a gorgeous college-aged lady with bleached blonde hair and decked out in the latest designer threads. But that's just it – advertisements. We all know that the average person doesn't really sing and dance about their air conditioner! 

Many sugar babies are actually in their mid 20s to 30s – we even have female members in their 40s, and they bring with them life experience and maturity that is hard to find in younger ladies. 

Myth 3: It's all about the fancy gifts 💎💳 and lots of cash 💵

This is a common view – that being a sugar baby means you will be able to get lots of money quickly, dine in upscale restaurants, stay in luxurious hotels and buy all the latest designer goods. Is it part of the experience? In some ways yes, there are sugar babies who do get a large allowance and are frequently pampered with all of the above.

But for many, it can be about survival, or connections. Sugar dating can help to ease the pressure of paying off loans and bills – that's how sugar dating came about in the first place, so that college students had a way to pay off exorbitant student loans. It can also be a good way to network and meet people you normally wouldn't be able to, and even more so if you aspire to open your own business or such! 

Myth 4: It's easy to find a sugar daddy/baby quickly 👫

It can take a lot of time and effort to actually find a suitable sugar daddy or baby! The first meeting is essential to determine compatibility, and sometimes, well, they just don't click. You would have to be extremely lucky to hit the jackpot on the first date with the first person you meet!

You might have to go out with several different people before finding someone you actually would like to sugar date. Other times, you may go on a couple of dates before realising it's not going to work out. It takes time and patience! And with the current COVID-19 situation, many are opting to stay home instead of going out on dates… (which is why we have an online dating campaign)!

Therefore, it's important to remember that finding a sugar daddy is thus not an easy way to get rich quick – you could be searching for months before finding a sugar daddy able to help you financially. Never treat it as your only source of income, but instead a possible way to supplement your income and ease financial burdens.

Myth 5: All sugar daddies are married 💍 and cheating 💋

People tend to have an idea of sugar daddies being married old men looking to cheat on their ignorant wives and sugar babies as homewreckers. Again, this is not true. Are there married sugar daddies? Yes, there are. There are also widowed, divorced and single sugar daddies, seeking a little more in their life. We do not encourage any affairs, but there are also married daddies in healthy, loving relationships and families.

As for the reasons why they engage in sugar dating – I will expand on more in a future post as well! The important point is that sugar daddies are, more often than not, just older single men seeking a connection with a lady on their own terms.

Myth 6: There are no feelings involved in sugar dating 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♂️

Sugar dating should actually be treated like any other relationship – trust, respect, and concern for your partner are essential in building a healthy relationship. Romantic feelings may not be necessary (and are oftentimes discouraged as many arrangements are temporary), but it is important to at least have some level of respect and warmth towards each other.

Yes, no strings are attached in most sugar dating relationships, but should you be considering one, do at least evaluate your chemistry and feelings towards the other party. Ask yourself if you are really willing to spend your time and energy on someone you are unable to even enjoy a meal and conversation with. For most, the answer would be no. Sugar dating is meant to be an enjoyable experience, not a job you have to suffer through!

Myth 7: Sugar dating is inherently ⚠️ dangerous ⚠️

Yes, everything has its risks, but sugar dating is not inherently more dangerous than regular dating. With the necessary precautions taken, you can make the experience safer for yourself. Not gonna lie, we do pride ourselves on the fact that we screen and verify every single member, meeting them in person, to ensure that they match the standards of our club. Our members can rest assured that they are meeting a real person who can provide them with what they need, be it financial support or just companionship and a meal partner.

Ladies taking charge of their own sexuality and desires by entering sugar relationships are powerful and strong in their own right, and there a multitude of reasons to become sugar babies. Similarly, men become sugar daddies for plenty of personal reasons – not because they are just looking for a pretty face. We too try our best to ensure that our own service is as safe as possible. No one is trying to destroy the fabric of society with sugar dating – maybe upend it a bit, sure, but only so people need not fear being shamed for making choices that, in the end, empower themselves.

Riene Skye

Universe Club Singapore

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