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Spilling the TEA!

Spilling the TEA!

Ok… Maybe no one is paying much attention to our FAQ section. 

And I never lie, so all those scenarios we have talked about in the previous blogs are actually all true stories…

To prove my point, here are some entertaining messages we have received from our various platiforms! Some may seen ridiculous, but trust me when I say these are a daily reoccurance…


This also serves as a more through and entertaining FAQ, for those who have not seen our existing FAQ and prefers to read it all at one go. 🙂


What is Universe Club Singapore/ Universe Group? 


Nope, we are not a Singaporean company. Universe Club is started in Japan and we have 8 years of history. The Singapore Branch opened in December 2019. Well, you can consider us as a startup here in Singapore since we are still trying to establish ourselves, against other sugar dating companies such as SuxxxBook and SeekingArrxxxxments. 


A legal company?

Of course, we are ABSOLUTELY LEGAL. We are a fully-fledged, legal and secure matching service within a framework of a secure membership system with 100 employees, 800 female and 100 male registrations per month making us the largest service in Japan. (Report No. 1292)


Althought Universe Club is a relatively young company in Singapore, we have a good pool of sugar babies and sugar daddies. Gentlemen, you can date sugar babies from Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, or anywhere in the world! Ladies, we have local sugar daddies, expat sugar daddies, and sugar daddies travelling to Singapore, all using Universe Club to set up dates for them.


Membership fee? Setting fee?

Setting fee is the fee paid to the club for scheduling a date. We do all the heavy-lifting for you – checking the ladies' schedule, asking her preferences, coordinating the meetup and rescheduling if needed…  It is paid after we have confirmed details for both parties and scheduled the date!

Setting fee is paid everytime the sugar daddy meets a new sugar baby for the first time.  From the second date onwards, there is no need for setting fee since the sugar daddy and sugar baby will be communicating and coordinating themselves. 

The club cannot take any responsibility for any problems in your relationship after the sugar daddy and sugar baby meet for the first time. Of course, the sugar daddy or sugar baby can feel free to give Universe Club feedback regarding the date.

However, if there was any problem such as attitude or not giving transportation fee, which violates the club rule, we will be looking into it.


Transportation fee?

Yes, after paying for the setting fee (goes towards Universe Club), the sugar daddy will have to give a S$100 transportation fee to his sugar baby. This is like a appreciation fee for the sugar baby. No matter if you guys hit it off or the chemistry was non-existant, this transportation fee is required to be given. 

A failure to adhere to this rule really will not portray you as a gentleman – so sugar daddies, please take note!


Is sugar baby my job?

Nope. We are not recruiting any sugar babies as employees of our club. She is simply a member of our club. Hence, we will not be issuing any work VISA. 

Additionally, the club will NOT be paying the sugar baby in any way as we simply provide a platform for them to meet sugar daddies. (It is sugar dating with your SD, not sugar dating with your club, duh)

(by the way, Universe Club services are all FOC for our sugar babies – registering, photoshoot, scheduling dates, etc)


How much do the sugar baby want from me?

Using the word 'charge' makes us sound like we are an escort service… Which we really are NOT!

The sugar baby is only spending her time with her potential sugar daddy and hence it is not like a strictly $xxx/h kind of sketchy 'service' you may be thinking of.

The exact amount as required by the sugar baby is to be discussed and decided upon between the sugar daddy and the sugar baby. Due to legality, we are not able to interfere with the 2 parties' relationship after they have met.


I don't know what is a sugar daddy.

Ummmm, NO! Thank you for confirming, because this screenshot is an absolutely an OPPOSITE of the service we provide in Universe Club.

Males can only be SUGAR DADDIES in Universe Club. This means that the female will not pay you. Sugar daddies are supposed to take care of the finances in the relationship.

A Sugar Baby is a young woman who exchanges companionship,
friendship and occasionally sexual favors for money, gifts, and pampering from an older,
wealthy man. Sugar Babies are generally known for their youth and beauty.

A Sugar Daddy is the opposite of a Sugar Baby. A Sugar Daddy is an older,
wealthy man who exchanges gifts, money a pampering for companionship,
friendship and occasionally sexual favors from a younger woman.
There is no specific age at which man can be considered a Sugar Daddy but he is almost always significantly older than his Sugar Baby counterpart.


Can male sugar babies find sugar daddies in Universe Club?

Nope. We have talked about this in our previous blogs so have a look!

No male sugar babies. No sugar mommies. We are sorry.


I'll immediately meet a sugar daddy during the interview? The interview is done by sugar daddies in Universe Club? 

The interview of female sugar babies will be done by our concierage, not our registered sugar daddies.

You can say that they ain't got no time to sit down and interview each and every potential female sugar baby who wishes to join Universe Club…

That is just ridiculous and a little funny. We do the heavy lifting for our male sugar daddies who are busy with their careers.

Anyways, for female interviews, you will be meeting our concierage for interview instead of sugar daddies. You will only be able to meet a sugar daddy after you have registered yourself with Universe Club and received a meal date offer from our sugar daddies interested to meet you. 


I only want Singaporean/ European/ Japanese sugar daddies! I don't want ____ sugar daddies!

Woa woa woa… Pardon me but isn't this a little racist? 

To clarify, we do have sugar daddies of different nationalities in Universe Club.

If you are so popular to be receiving many many requests from our sugar daddies, you may choose to reject or postpone the dates. This can be done based on the female sugar baby's judgement, using the short description of sugar daddy Universe Club will be providing to the female.

It will be something like this:

A _____(nationality) gentleman in his ____ (age range). He is in the ____ industry with an annual income of about _____. His hobbies are ____, _____ and he ______ in his free time. He is looking for _____ ladies. (long term, short term, meal buddies, wine buddies, travel buddies etc)


So, technically, female sugar babies will be able to meet only the sugar daddies they want. Of course, don't be too picky or the sugar baby will end up with no offers… Afterall, you never know if the relationship is going to work out if you never try!


Universe Club Singapore is having a 100% FREE male membership campaign and also 50%OFF setting fee campaign!

Take this chance and join us for more fun!


That is all from me so far!



Rei Tanaka 

Universe Club Singapore


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