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The Insider’s Sneak Peek into Universe Club

The Insider’s Sneak Peek into Universe Club

It’s been a month since I joined Universe Club as a concierge staff, and it’s coincidentally my birthday too! So I decided to commemorate it with a slightly more personal blog post, this time on my experience in Universe Club, and giving everyone a little insider look at a typical day in the office! (while leaving out the confidential parts, of course!)

(And unfortunately, this post has nothing to do with cats… But they are cute, and I wish we had one in the office too 🤭)

So, the first thing we gotta do once we get into our little office (no really, it is quite small – we only have 3 staff after all, and we are located in a lovely coworking space) is check all our communication channels. We reply to every inquiry we get, whether via email, WhatsApp or LINE. 

Do pardon us if we don’t reply in time – we still get quite a lot of messages and once in a while, being only human, we may miss out yours! 😓 Just give us a little nudge and we will be sure to get back to you!

We have to coordinate any date offers that we receive as well, ensuring that schedules on both sides match. You would be surprised at how long it can sometimes take, if one party does not reply in time, or is extremely busy! 

Before long, it will be lunchtime! With Lau Pa Sat located diagonally opposite our office building, a literal crosswalk away, it's super easy to get a relatively affordable meal in the heart of the CBD. Yep, maybe some people think meals there are overpriced and/or overrated, but really, we can't complain when nearly everything else is twice the price 😱

An hour later and it's back to the office. Let's assume we have an interview with a lovely lady scheduled – we will usually have them done after 1pm and before 5pm. Why? To avoid the horrible lunchtime crowds, and to get some good lighting in for the photoshoot! But if it rains, well, I guess we don't have very much choice, lol 😅

We gotta have thick skin while doing the photoshoot, since we are often in awkward positions and people really like staring at us. 😬 We have even been chased out of some of our favourite photoshoot spots a few times! Still, we have to keep going and snap those perfect photos!

Once we return to the office, we evaluate the lady we have interviewed according to an internal set of guidelines. If approved by both the Singapore branch and Tokyo HQ, that is when we hunker down to select 6 of the best photos out of literal hundreds that we have taken, adjust the lighting so that they look good, and upload them to the site. 

The next part is creating a profile from the card we have filled up during the interview. All the best things about the lady will come to the forefront! But don’t think for a moment that we lie – that would be just as bad as using heavily edited, Photoshopped pictures! We tell the truth about the ladies’ personalities, but emphasize on the best parts. 😍

As dusk falls, we may have a male meeting scheduled! It is usually over drinks in a hotel lounge, a conversation to clarify all questions the gentlemen have. Not many know much about sugar dating, or have certain misconceptions about them, so we are here to tell them the truth and explain our service, before having them register with us.

For the ladies reading this, rest assured that we will, to the best of our ability, gauge their personality and verify their identity and income! 🤑 And gentlemen, as shallow as it sounds, we will indeed check your yearly income to ensure that you are not a fake, and are instead a real, generous gentleman willing to support the sugar babies you will meet!

Besides all of that, we also update our social media regularly, think up blog posts, and attend video meetings with our Japanese colleagues. This blog post actually took me a couple of hours to write 😵 – being someone deeply passionate about writing, I often delete entire chunks of text to rewrite them, scour through the post for typos and other grammatical errors, and read other articles to educate myself. 

Well, I hope that was an interesting read and gave you a little more insight into what Universe Club is like! If you come for an interview, I most certainly hope to meet you soon! 🤗


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You will get to meet the concierage (Online for now, we need to follow the rules of the Circuit Breaker!) and maybe even hear more interesting stories from us..!?

It is super worth it, so take a chance and join us!!


Riene Skye

Universe Club Singapore


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