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How are we dealing with COVID-19 and Sugar Dating?

How are we dealing with COVID-19 and Sugar Dating?

Wondering if Sugar dating and Universe Club has been affected by the global pandemic and how it will affect current and future Sugar Daddies and Babies?

As per all Services and companies, we have definitely seen a drop in our numbers in the past month. However, our team has been working day and night to lessen the effects of this pandemic. 

Our emphasis has shifted from face to face physical dates to Online dates for the month of April. But how do we go about this? Well, there are a plethora of video apps out there right now and I'm sure you have been keeping in contact with your circle through video calls. We are doing the same over here!

We are using "Zoom" for the very first Online date as we introduce both parties to each other. Sugar daddies and babies have 30mins to get to know each other and share whatever information they are comfortable with. Following that, the sugar baby (female) can choose to share her contact with the Sugar Daddy (Male) for them to continue online dating in whatever video/text app they would choose to use. It's that easy!!


Perks for Sugar Daddy!


yes Basically Free Membership for a year! How it works is your Annual membership fees will be 100% converted to points, and you will be able to set dates for free. This is only for a limited time period. Grab your membership now!

yes Half Price all Setting Fees! surprise  Yes, you heard us right! Whichever Class you would like to date is 50% Off! Date as many ladies as you have the time for  wink


Perks for Sugar Baby!


kiss SGD $66 for attending an Online date! Universe Club will be giving out $66 to ladies just to get to know Sugar Daddies! Furthermore, the online date's official duration is only 30 minutes, which is significantly lesser than the physical dates which can take 2-4 hours. (no transportation fee is given for online dates, but you don't have to leave the house to get S$66, which is a pretty good deal if you ask me!)



Enjoy the Benefits of Sugar Dating with Universe Club from the comfort of your home Sofa!  heart


Jack Tan

Universe Club Singapore 


Posted by on 9/4/2020