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Posing Tips for Sugar Babies!

Posing Tips for Sugar Babies!

Hello our sugar darlings! Sorry that it has been a while – we have been super busy, and finding the time to complete this blog has been difficult for sure! I scheduled this to post on my day off so you all still have content to read~

We are sure that this blog is well worth the wait! After all, every one of our sugar babies needs to have a photoshoot done! Most of you aren't professional (or even amateur) models/actresses etc, right? Hands up for everyone who only does the peace sign (or finger heart) when taking photos! *raises hand too*

But don't worry, we are here to help you look your natural best during these photoshoots. For that, we have come up with lots of tips and tricks for the most flattering photos! All photos here are courtesy of Pixabay, Pexels and Unsplash.

1) Show off your physique!

Stand tall – posture is very important! Even if you aren't very tall, standing up straight does wonders for your looks (and back!). Arching your back a little bit also means that your chest and hips stick out more – emphasizing the natural curves of your body and creating the desired S-line!

2) Play with your hair!

Your hair can be a great tool for your photos too! It's easier if you have long hair, of course, but running your hand through your hair, twirling the ends… well, the possibilities are endless! Have short hair? Don't worry, just touch your head, perhaps in a thinking pose – it can create an interesting look too.

3) Twist your body!

Sometimes, photos that face you straight on may not always be the most flattering. Face forward and turn your head back towards the camera – this creates a really interesting silhouette and body line. It can create a sense of mystery too – like you are just looking over your shoulder in curiosity!

The angle of this example shot helps a lot as well – you will see me crouching down a lot when taking photos, since such low angles also help to emphasize height.

4) Use your hands…

I've often been told that one of the hardest things to do while modelling is knowing what to do with one's hands. Do you put them down? Raise them? Cross them? Well, using your surroundings is a great way! Posing against a railing? Hold onto it to create interesting silhouettes! Maybe you are sitting at a table? Rest your arm on the table, or prop your chin up!

5) And your legs!

One of the best ways to make your legs look slimmer is to cross them slightly – and this applies across different positions! Putting them together can look boring. Even if you want to look demure while sitting, cross your ankles! Standing? Put one against the wall! This emphasizes the beauty of your legs and hips very well.

6) Don't always look directly at the camera!

Sometimes, a photo can be made that much more interesting when the subject (that is, you!) doesn't look right at the camera. It gives a sense of mystery, and the effect? Gentlemen want to know more about you! They wonder what you are thinking about in that moment, and where you are looking… It's a perfect device for intrigue!

7) Smile!

The simplest yet hardest thing to do! Actually, this is why we do the interviews before the photoshoots, so that we can build up a rapport and hopefully you will feel more comfortable to smile and laugh in photos! In fact, I daresay it's better than any makeup in enhancing your natural beauty!

Posted by on 24/8/2020