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Safe Re-opening and Sugar Babies and more income!!

Safe Re-opening and Sugar Babies and more income!!


Hello everyone! Finally, after two months of Circuit Breaker and extended Circuit Breaker,

we are going into Safe Re-Opening from June 2 onwards!


It is sad to say that restaurants will remain as take-away only for Phase 1, so our face-to-face first dates are still postponed. For 4 more weeks! 


Sugar babies will always first go on a lunch/ dinner date with the sugar daddy before anything,

so F&B establishments’ reopening is of of paramount importance for us here in Universe Club Singapore. 


Hey, sugar daddies paying for the restaurant dates also count as income for the restaurants, so we really be doing good! #supportlocal


Hopefully, this will help Singapore slowly recover from the pandemic.


Let us all be alert and not let the number of cases increase again!


Some say that the first phase of Safe Re-Opening is akin to another extended Circuit Breaker. That is true to some extent, but honestly, we are overjoyed to be moving ahead. Hopefully, our normal interviews, meeting and dates can resume.


If we do re-open our physical office and conduct the face-to-face interviews, I’m sure our number of registrations will shoot up again! And number of date offers from our sugar daddies as well!

Haven’t been meeting up physically with new sugar babies in Universe Club can be tough. XD


Months from now, who knew that this virus could disrupt the lives of so many? Retrenchment (maybe the staff of Singapore Branch may suffer this fate as well…), pay cuts, loss of side income… Now is the time to expand your revenue and take on side hustles!


One of the side hustles can be being a sugar baby with Universe Club Singapore!

We are open everyday for sugar baby and sugar daddy registrations. It’s not a job so we require no commitment from you, just please reply to us promptly when an offer comes and don’t go MIA… 


For now, our Online Dating services are still available!


Super worth it for our ladies since you can just get ready and chat for 30 minutes for S$66 from Universe Club! Put on some makeup and dress up for the upper half of your body! You may be wearing pajama pants on your lower half, but no one can see! (unless the sugar daddy asks you to stand up and twirl, haha) 


If you get two online dates offers from our sugar daddies, that’s already more than S$120, for 1 hour of your time!

Super high yield of income huh? 


Sugar babies can also have fun with the virtual backgrounds of Zoom~ Change it to anything you’d like, such as a dream travel destination… Who knows, maybe your sugar daddy will bring you there after this pandemic is eradicated!


That's all for now!

Rei Tanaka 

Universe Club Singapore


Contact us in WhatsApp for a direct reply from our coordinator staff in the Singapore branch for how to have a sugar daddy or be a sugar baby in Universe Club.

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