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Safe Re-opening Phase 1 is finally here! Come on SUGAR BABIES!

Safe Re-opening Phase 1 is finally here! Come on SUGAR BABIES!


Hello everyone! So we’ve finally made it through the 2-month-long Circuit Breaker! 


It will be Phase One: Safe Re-Opening from 2 June onwards. yes


This is great news as we could be having physical, face-to-face lunch/ dinner dates as soon as the end of the month! If everything goes well, of course.


We will be able to open up Universe Club Singapore’s physical office in Phase 2 and conduct physical interviews/ introductory meetings again! blushheart

It has been a long-awaited 2 months+.

I think I speak for every concierge at Universe Club Singapore when I say WE ARE EXCITED TO BE BACK!

We miss seeing every one of you in real life and get closer to you by casual chats! 


This means that an integral part of our sugar baby interview process, the PHOTOSHOOT, will be back in action soon! wink

Yay! Snap snap! Wait any longer and our photo skills might’ve disintegrated back into the ground… We cannot wait to take some stunning photos for our sugar babies.

One of the key attraction to Universe Club is the personalised interview process and photoshoot session for our sugar babies. Meeting our potential sugar baby candidates means that we get to verify how she looks like in real life without filters and editing, and also how she look and talks. 


You bet there will definitely be more offers from our sugar daddies! Both due to the return of face-to-face photoshoots and also the Phase 2 reopening of dine-in establishments! 

Many of our sugar daddies place their trust in Universe Club because we take photos of the sugar babies ourselves! 


Due to the Circuit Breaker, we shifted our interviews to online via Zoom/ Skype/ WhatsApp and asked our new sugar babies to send in their selfies/ photos themselves. This certainly cannot measure up to a good ol’ face-to-face interview AND photoshoot with our sugar baby candidates.


So! Ladies reading this blog post!

How do you feel about experiencing the interview for yourselves at Universe Club Singapore’s office? cheekyangel

Don’t worry as our concierge are all very friendly and aim to create the most comfortable atmosphere for our sugar babies during the interview. We are doing it super casual and chill!


That's all for now!

Rei Tanaka 

Universe Club Singapore


Contact us in WhatsApp for a direct reply from our coordinator staff in the Singapore branch for how to have a sugar daddy or be a sugar baby in Universe Club.

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