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Looking back at the 1st half of 2020: Universe Club Singapore edition

Looking back at the 1st half of 2020: Universe Club Singapore edition

Look at how quickly time has passed us by! We are now entering June, and almost half a year is over! Universe Club Singapore was officially opened on 3 December 2019 and that marks 6 months of formal operations here in Singapore. 

The first few months of December, January and February were glorious as our number of registered and verified sugar babies and sugar daddies increased exponentially. We were having back-to-back interviews and introductory meetings, new projects, plans for future promotions, and even planning to increase our number of concierges and the office.


Then Singapore (or rather, the whole world) was being hit by the global pandemic of COVID-19. We see a decrease in inquiries and cancellation for interviews and meeting were happening. Eventually, we had to lock up our physically office and Work From Home as required by the Singapore government. We wanted to do our part and #stayhome so that our normal office routine can return soon. It was hard at first but when we decked out our March and April campaigns, we received immense support from our sugar daddies!


For now, our 100% FREE MEMBERSHIP and UNIVERSE BIG 3 FEAST are over… But we may have more fantastic campaigns out in the future!


pss, ONLINE DATES are still ongoing!


50% off setting fee and no need for S$100 transportation fee, pretty worth-it for our sugar daddies if you ask me! 

You can look forward to meeting any sugar baby from any country as we have 14 Japanese Branches and 1 International branch! 

Not to mention, we still have a few projects that have been in the works since the beginning of the year. Hint hint, it involves the media and we have a similar series up on our Japanese website

(what could be going on…?)


We have our special thanks for our members, the sugar babies and sugar daddies of Universe Club Singapore! 


Thank you to our sugar babies…


For placing your trust in Universe Club Singapore and even sparing us your time for an interview at our office. For giving us quick responses online and pleasant chats during the interview, and treating the concierge with respect. Most of all, we know that the majority of our members are amateurs who had never joined dating clubs such as Universe Club before, so thank you for willing to try and choosing us! 


Thank you to our sugar daddies…


For choosing Universe Club Singapore over other dating clubs, and arranging to meet us for an introductory meeting outside your busy schedule. For being understanding with date scheduling and communication with our concierge. Most of all, thank you for all your support to Universe Club Singapore during our past March and April campaigns! 


Universe Club Singapore is still up and running because of all your support!



The concierge at Universe Club Singapore is grateful for all parties’ support in this trying time as we try to stay afloat and maintain our sales! We look forward to serving you from now on as well. Can’t wait to schedule some exciting face-to-face dates when we enter Phase 2 of Safe Re-Opening!




That's all for now!

Rei Tanaka 

Universe Club Singapore


Contact us in WhatsApp for a direct reply from our coordinator staff in the Singapore branch for how to have a sugar daddy or be a sugar baby in Universe Club.

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