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NEW promotional video!! Interview with one of our members! :)

NEW promotional video!! Interview with one of our members! :)

Hello everyone!!

You may have noticed, but we have a BRAND NEW addition on our main website!! You must've scrolled past it to get to our blog section.

This is a secret project that Universe Club Singapore has been working on!! 


An actual interview video with one of our members…!!

Her club name is Dawn Koh wink

She's been a sugar baby member of Universe Club for a while. 

To start with, Universe Club/ Universe Group wanted to do something that is authentic to Singapore for our media coverage. We have done similar interview-format videos with our sugar baby members in Japan. 

See here! You will need to scroll down a bit to find this section. yes


Our video looks like this, in case you couldn't spot it! 

Since Dawn is a professional model, we also took the opportunity to have a photoshoot with her! The gentleman with her is a model, not an actual sugar daddy from Universe Club (although we certainly would not mind to have our sugar daddies participate in this project! haha)

We are really happy with our website's photos and layout renewed with photos taken in Singapore! Makes it a bit more relatable and close-to-life, yeah? laugh Maybe look out for couples next time you are out and about, could there be a sugar baby – sugar daddy relationship going on somewhere? 

Why did I say that? Because Singapore is having our Safe-Reopening Phase 2 from 19 June onwards! Our normal mode of sugar dating can resume at last! 



We can start to have face-to-face dates AGAIN! SO exciting after the long wait of 2 months… FINALLY!  heart

In fact, we've already scheduled a few restaurant dates. Everyone is happy to finally enjoy a romantic meal outside  yes

No more looking at screens during online dates! Why not stare into each other's eyes in real life instead, haha!

Hope it'll be a much-deserved relief from WFH and all the COVID-19 jazz for our sugar daddy and sugar baby members! Just remember to still practice adequate social distancing and stay safe. Afterall, it's not that COVID-19 has entirely ceased to exist, so we should still be careful wink


You may be wondering, so how was business in Singapore Branch during these 2 months?


Let me share a few statistics and observations!

1. We have conducted more than 40+ online dates in Singapore Branch for our sugar babies and sugar daddies! (And more than laugh20laugh times the amount if we are talking about all 17 branches of Universe Group…!!!)

2. More people prefer face-to-face dates than online dates, in general cheeky

3. More sugar babies have come to register with Universe Club due to the coronavirus situation affecting their livelihood one way or another


That's all for now!

Rei Tanaka 

Universe Club Singapore


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