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Looking Back..

Looking Back..

Final Greetings Sugar darlings! How are we all doing?

I have to admit it has been a hectic and crazy past 8 months here at Universe Club Singapore. From the exciting highs of an adventurous sugar dating service to the lows of COVID19 impacting all of us in one way or another. 


Some of the highlights of this emotional roller coaster!


Initially, before joining Universe Club, I was as skeptical as we all are. The generous consensus from family and friends was to join an established company in Singapore rather than taking a risk on an adventurous start-up. However, with my personal drive to always try something new and build it up from the ground up, thus I was instantly drawn to UC Singapore. 

My first months were challenging to say the least.

Operations: Conducting SG operations to fit the local market and at the same time not pull too far away from Japan's SOP. Looking back I felt that we have accomplished a lot in such a short time


LOL moments: 


😂 Random guys or men looking to join our club to be “Sugar Babies” 

Advice to them: guys you need to have something to offer any lady if you want to have a Sugar mummy.. 

And NO we do not provide a Sugar Mummy service. UC Singapore is 100% 

Sugar Daddy (males) to financially support/compensate date Sugar babies (female) period. 

😂 Pedophiles looking to meet underage ladies.. Like seriously we are in one of the strictest countries in the world.. Do you really think such a service is available??

😂 Or the general mindset that we are an Escort service pimping out ladies on a daily basis

And my reply to that is, please find me a Singaporean that is open to being an escort. The service provided is basically a platform for Singaporean ladies to meet and date wealthy and successful Gentlemen out of their social circle. There is no obligation and pressure from the Club for anyone to engage in any relationships. 


So yeahh while our members are happily enjoying the benefits of sugar dating, our Singapore Staff are constantly bombarded with such ridiculousness!



I know I love to rage and complain (it's a Singaporean trait) but it's definitely not all negative!


😍 I have met so many interesting and colorful personalities. From Directors of huge conglomerates to innocent fresh-faced ladies that just turned 18. 

😍 Aligning both parties' expectations of Sugar dating to ensure that we do not over or under promise and give ourselves further headaches down the road was a challenge but a rewarding one at that.

😍 A new appreciation of photos and photo taking in general.. The feels when you actually get dat Bokeh you want *drools a little* and newfound respect for anyone on IG that makes their photos look effortless. Trust me, it isn't. Sometimes you would want to murder the model lol Other times you curse and swear at the sky/clouds 

😍 Having members asked me if they were on “Casting Couch” during the interviews LOLOL 


But all in all, this was a fun and exciting experience with Universe Club. I will be moving on to another challenge in my life BUT do not fret as you will be in the safe hands of the more than capable Reine Skye!

Jack signing off for the last time, wishing Universe Club and its members all the best in 2020!!  🎉🎉🎉



Jack Tan

Universe Club Singapore

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