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Moving Forward

Moving Forward

Some of you may already have heard the news, but Universe Club Singapore is undergoing some big changes. For starters, I (Riene) will be the only concierge left in the Singapore branch…! Jack and Rei have left (check out Jack's last blog here). I, along with my colleagues working from Japan, will be serving all of you! Please rest assured however that our service standard will not drop – if anything, it is my wish to continue improving them and deliver the best possible experience to our members!

Despite being the newest member of the staff (this is only my 3rd month here, compared to 8 months for Jack and Rei!), I have learnt a great deal. With them passing on the torch to me, I guess it really is up to me now.

I can't deny that I feel rather lonely, however… For example, Rei always kindly helped me out with Japanese when I had trouble, and Jack practised lots of photography with me! Without them, I would definitely be struggling like crazy, not knowing what to do. Even if my inexperienced self made a mistake, they were kind and continued to teach me! I don't think I could have asked for better colleagues. 

We are still in the process of working out a schedule for photoshoots, so please be patient! It is harder to do photoshoots outside now, since we all have to wear masks when outdoors, so finding a safe and suitable place where the mask can be removed for a short period of time is necessary. I will be scouting for new locations and taking a walk around to ensure safe areas!

As our operations and activities slowly rise back up to pre-Circuit Breaker levels, don't forget to stay safe and continue to wear a mask & practice personal hygiene whenever possible. Covid-19 is still running rampant after all, even if cases have been steadily dropping in Singapore itself. We can't wait to meet as many of you as possible once again!

P.S.: Speaking of photoshoots, look out for a post on posing for your photos next week! Sugar babies who have yet to get a photoshoot done, or those wishing to update their photos, don't forget to read it!

Riene Skye

Universe Club Singapore

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