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The Diary of Riene: 9/8/20

The Diary of Riene: 9/8/20

Happy National Day!

Is everyone enjoying the long weekend? As you can tell, though, I'm actually still working! I wanted to post something yesterday, but was too busy to do so T_T

I did meet a really interesting Sugar Baby yesterday! She told me about how she went on a solo vacation to several countries just last year, and it was so fascinating to hear about her experience! I've always dreamt of going on a solo road trip like in all those American movies, but well… I can't drive and it's not really worth learning how to or purchasing a car here in Singapore, LOL.Maybe I will have to settle for backpacking or going with a friend who can drive!

But it really is cool to learn about all these different experiences that people have had. I've come across opinions that sugar babies are shallow or don't know anything, but they're definitely far brighter and braver than many give them credit for! And it's not always safe for women like myself to travel solo, so it was really empowering to hear about such an experience!

For the rest of National Day, I'm going to continue with work and interviewing another lady! I do wonder what stories she has to tell! ^^ 

I'm gonna be off for a few days, so see y'all soon!

Riene Skye

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