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The Diary of Riene: 14/8/20

The Diary of Riene: 14/8/20

Hello, it's been quite a few days, hasn't it? Almost a week in fact 😱

I'm still alive, don't worry! Just had three days off and then yesterday… well, it was crazy packed! Speaking of yesterday, it was like International Day or something! Yup, every lady I met came from abroad!

Have you ever heard of "gap moe"? That's a charm when someone does something contradictory to their usual appearance, behavior etc. This was the case for the first Japanese lady I met! She looked like a "gyaru" (something like a wild party girl type in English) but she was actually extremely sweet and kind!

To be honest, I find it hard to speak Japanese as I hardly have anyone to practice speaking with, though I am better at writing and reading it. But she was so accommodating and charming! If I were a man, maybe I would have fallen for her 😂

Then I met another lady from the Philippines! An elegant and cute lady who used to be a model and now has her own business in… ah that's giving away a bit too much LOL 😆 But I was really awed when she told me she would cycle every single day for at least an hour, sometimes 2! God, please grant me that same determination and motivation to work out 🙏 I look like a dumpling 🥟 

At night, I then met a beautiful and charming French lady! She was also introduced by her friend, I am so grateful! Contrary to popular belief, she does not enjoy wine and cheese that much! She was really cheerful and fun to talk to, it felt like we had been friends for a long time!

I wonder who else I will get to meet? It's really been fun 😊 Goodnight for now and see you again soon!

Posted by on 14/8/2020