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The Diary of Riene: 21/8/20

The Diary of Riene: 21/8/20

Hello~ It's been a while again. Ahh I wanted to make this a daily (shift-wise) diary, but seems like it's getting really difficult to sustain! Posts will probably be at least once a week, but let's hope I can squeeze in enough time to make it more regular!

I've been really busy as usual, meeting plenty of new people! You must have noticed that we just had a couple of new members featured! Actually, they joined last week… But I didn't even have time to post them, with how busy I have been!

I'll bet that some people are also wondering why I've barely mentioned the male members… Well, the answer is that I meet a lot fewer of them! So there isn't always much to say.

However, true gentlemen are even rarer to come by. By that I mean men who genuinely respect ladies and their boundaries, and aren't miserly! I can understand if our high prices put off some people, but we promise that we always do our best to make sure it's worth every cent and take all the frustration out of dating!

I mean, if you are going to have to bargain or ask if certain "services" are offered just because you pay a certain amount… well, this really isn't the place for you, so to speak. 😅 Also, once again… no, we don't have a sugar mummy service! Please look elsewhere for that! 

I might sound frustrated, but I assure you, I really just want to get the point across! Physically, I'm a one-woman show, just trying to do my job and making sure that everyone has a safe and fun time with us! We are always doing our best, but we are also only human, so please understand my position as well. Still, if you have any questions, just feel free to drop us a message over Whatsapp or email us, and we will respond as soon as we can!

See you again soon!

Posted by on 21/8/2020