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The Diary of Riene: 30/08/20

The Diary of Riene: 30/08/20

4 days in a row, this is a record! I think I'm getting better at time management as well, carving out just a little time each day to do this daily blog 😉

I managed to do a photoshoot at another location besides the usual today (thanks to the sunny weather and Sunday being a day of relaxed security and much, much fewer people in the CBD area)! Of course, I can't say too much, but perhaps if you look at our new members page soon, you can take a guess 😆

Speaking of photography, did my fellow ladies check out the blog on modeling tips that I posted several days ago? Was it enlightening? I hope it helped anyone who wants to join or even anybody who wants to come for a reshoot! Honestly, I'm not quite there yet in photography skills, but I definitely hope to keep getting better and produce the most professional, beautiful photos possible!

I do believe everyone has their own beauty as well, so don't be worried even if you think you aren't photogenic, or if you are a camera-shy person. Trust me a bit and I will capture all your natural beauty in a photo! 😊

Posted by on 30/8/2020