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The Diary of Riene: 05/09/2020

The Diary of Riene: 05/09/2020

How is everyone on this cold September day? ⚡It's been raining the entire day with nary a break, and I won't lie, it's kinda affecting my mood a bit with how dreary it is! While I do like rain every now and then (because who doesn't need some relief from the glaring sun?!), I'm frustrated when it starts affecting my work. 😣

It sucks when my supposedly waterproof shoes are… not so waterproof after all, and I have to trudge around the whole day in soaking wet shoes and socks… ack! 😰 Thankfully I'm safe and dry at home, but my feet ache a bit from the cold. 🥶 Well, I think it's the cold, not just a sign that I'm getting old 😅

I don't suppose today was particularly special, although the rain did affect my schedule somewhat. But I did take some really great photos despite the weather, with a really sweet young lady who just joined. She told me she had no modeling experience, but her photos and poses were stunning! I guess it comes naturally to some people! I'm almost jealous with how good some people naturally look, while I'm one of those girls who has to work really hard… I guess that's why I'm working behind the scenes, instead of being a sugar baby myself 🤣

Everyone, please do remember to take care and be safe and well during this period! Especially since Covid-19 isn't over, and dengue fever is at a high… So don't get complacent and stay healthy~ Signing off, it's Riene!

Posted by on 5/9/2020