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The Diary of Riene: 06/09/2020

The Diary of Riene: 06/09/2020

Wow, I sure got plenty done today! I translated a good chunk of profiles, so I hope our gentlemen are able to view the ladies' profiles with greater confidence, even if you can't read the original language very well!

皆さん、今はもっと簡単にプロフィールが読めるようになっているといいですね! たくさん日本語に訳してみました!^^

It was raining a lot today as well, but I didn't have to go out. Well, I was meant to, but… Let's just say, if you are not interested in being a proper sugar daddy and are just looking for a cheap adult service… Universe Club really is not for you ^^;

I hope that at least our ladies can feel reassured about the quality of men that they meet on the website. I get asked a lot about that so I simply want to reassure everyone that yes, we have *very* strict standards and will weed out anyone we deem unsuitable.

I'm meeting another lady tomorrow though, and I'm looking forward to that! There may be more gentlemen to meet soon as well – if any of you are reading is interested, simply hit us up over at Whatsapp or our email! We can assure you that we have plenty of high-quality ladies joining almost every day!

Signing off, it's Riene Skye once again!

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