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The Diary of Riene: 07/09/20

The Diary of Riene: 07/09/20

Others say TGIF, but for me, I say TGIM~ Thank God It's Monday, because my day off is on Tuesday 😂

It's been another fun and fulfilling week! Though, my back is beginning to hurt a lot from carrying the heavy equipment around… (and frankly, less-than-ideal posture when I'm in front of the computer, lol) Maybe it's time to book a massage session someday soon?

What do all of you like doing to relax then? Perhaps a day out with friends, or simply knocking back a drink while having good food? For me, I like hanging out with my friends (in a safe and responsible manner, of course!) My friend and I are planning to have some high tea (at home, lol) tomorrow~

Perhaps instead of lunch or dinner dates only, a high tea afternoon would be good for some! It seems like a classy and relaxing way to spend some time off, not to mention the delicious beverages and snacks you can have…

There I go dreaming again! I actually scheduled a couple of dates today, so I can't help but wish I were the one being taken on a date sometimes! I'm in a long-distance relationship myself, so I have to wait till travel restrictions ease to go on a date with my own special somebody ☺

Signing off till the next entry then! See you sugar dears! It's Riene~

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