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The Diary of Riene: 16/9/2020

The Diary of Riene: 16/9/2020

Do you ever meet someone for the first time, and hit it off immediately? That was me today with the lady I met today! It was actually quite surprising because while I generally get along pretty well with everyone I meet, it's rarely to this extent!

Having some interests in common, it was really fun having that spark of a moment and talking a little bit more together! If I weren't a staff, I would probably have been actual friends with her.

While we are both women, I think that feeling could be one that's also shared between men and women, right? Meeting someone for the first time, discovering something you're both passionate about, and immediately connecting. Sometimes even if you like the same thing, you might have differences in the way you enjoy it, or have different opinions on aspects of the thing, and clash. But this was different, and that was a great feeling!

I actually used to be super shy and would barely speak in class, or even among my friends. They'd always ask me why I was so quiet or scared of people… But then as I got older, I did lots more customer-facing jobs, and I guess I honed my skills talking to people from there ^^ It's been quite a journey. When I look back at the Riene from 10 years ago, I wonder if she would even recognise me!

What do you think? I sure look forward to meeting more and more people soon!

Posted by on 16/9/2020