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The Diary of Riene: 17/9/2020

The Diary of Riene: 17/9/2020

So, today's interview actually got me thinking quite a bit. If you read my blog a couple days ago, I mentioned how registering with friends was quite rare and most people were shy about letting anyone else know they were becoming sugar babies.

To recap a bit, the lady I met today was someone who initially accompanied her close friend to register. And she got interested, thus deciding to sign up! It makes me really happy, of course, but also it makes me wish that more people would be open about sugar dating.

Personally, I've told only a few friends about my job. I don't disclose much, of course, just that I work in a sugar dating company. They find it interesting, but agree that most people would probably see it the wrong way… 🤔

For example, when I go for a haircut or stuff like that, I get asked about my job as small talk. Or, at family gatherings, I'll be asked what I do. Knowing what kind of reaction "sugar dating" would probably get, I just say that I work for a dating app, lol (and to prevent further probing, I say it's niche and aimed towards expats).

While I have nothing against sugar dating (duh) and personally find it really interesting (which is why I joined Universe Club in the first place, you know?), it does feel frustrating at times that people have such negative views about it. And honestly, it'd take much more effort than I'm interested in spending to change their minds 😥

Well, for now all I can do is my best to do a good job, as after all the most important people I should keep happy are our valued members, not outsiders 😂 Do take care, and TGIF tomorrow!

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