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The Diary of Riene: 25/9/20

The Diary of Riene: 25/9/20

Sup sugars, it's been a while! I was actually off taking a late summer break (I know, I know, Singapore is always summery) as mandated by the company~ And yesterday I was too busy to put up a blog ^^; So I have my International team-mates to thank for taking care of things while I was away! 

Well, though it was quite a nice long holiday, it made me wish I could travel somewhere~ I was actually out with a couple of friends on Wednesday, and we were chatting about how nice it would be if we could just go to even Johor Bahru! It would be a cheap and delicious food adventure for sure, and I seriously miss the thrill of travel, no matter how small or near!

We had boat noodles, and it was my first time having it. I had 5 bowls and even as I type this, I'm craving more… Then, my friend told me how she had boat noodles at 1 RM per bowl in JB and bought 20 bowls!!! The one in Singapore was $1.50! T_T Corona, when will you be over so I can get my cheap and satisfying boat noodles?! 

I feel like I talk a lot about food on this blog… But really, what else is there to do when there's a pandemic raging and hardly anywhere to go? Even if I had a sugar daddy myself, I would hardly be able to travel 😅 Such is life for now~

Well then, see you again tomorrow for my blog! Remember to stay safe!

Posted by on 25/9/2020