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The Diary of Riene: 19/9/2020

The Diary of Riene: 19/9/2020

It's Saturday, and I'm sure plenty of people are out there enjoying their weekends! Which brings me to a question I get quite a bit…

"OMG, why are you working on a weekend?"
"How come you guys are open on weekends?"
And even… "Are you getting any rest?"

As you can tell from all my past blogs, yes I do get days off on the weekdays (usually)! I actually like it a lot, 'cause that means there are smaller crowds when I go out with my friends, and I get to make use of all those nifty weekday-only specials if I'm dining out! I really have been asked if I work every single day, haha! And I'm glad to tell you that my answer is no -w-

Besides that, we are actually open on weekends for good reason – to accommodate everyone who's busy on weekdays, and vice versa! Many a date is scheduled on the weekend, so there's definitely a need to be open to ensure that everything goes smoothly. We're here if you need anything on the weekends… which is usually quite a lot. I spent a lot of my time today answering plenty of queries and emails, which were basically flowing in nonstop from the morning. Got them all done though, phew~

I also prefer scheduling interviews on the weekends to take advantage of the fact that there are way fewer people in the CBD area, where we do our photoshoots! So there aren't any security guards to chase us away or people staring at us like we're weirdos 🤣 But of course, plenty of people are free only on weekdays, so that's where we come in with being available every day~

After all, I'm sure everyone must have had frustrating times where they were unable to contact a service center/customer support etc on the weekends, and simply weren't available on the weekdays… Well, not us! You can rely on us to be available throughout the week, 11am to 8pm, so there's rarely ever any downtime! That's what makes us special (and hopefully keeps you all happy~)

For now, I'm just about to clock out after overseeing a few more things to end my workweek. I've got a few days off in a row, so see you all again next week, sugar sweets!

Posted by on 19/9/2020