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The Diary of Riene: 1/10/2020

The Diary of Riene: 1/10/2020

It's first October, which means… it's spooky season! Okay, okay, we don't really celebrate Halloween here, and if anything, Singapore's "spooky season" is the 7th Lunar Month… but it's still a fun thing to talk and think about with my friends overseas!

I was so tempted to buy those cute Halloween decorations in Daiso, just for fun, even if I won't really use them LOL But they really are cute, and maybe just the thing I need to brighten my work desk? 🤔

And the costumes! There's the usual costumes for kids, or classic "vampire", "skeleton" etc costumes that you can probably find in party stores. But what I really miss are Halloween cosplay events, which I have attended with friends before. I think I miss cosplay/anime conventions in general, what with all the amazing costumes and even more amazing fan merchandise being sold!

Throughout my interviews, I have actually met a couple of young ladies who are also interested in anime and cosplay! However, I belong to a slightly "older" generation of fans so I doubt I know anyone else besides my core clique. Still, it's always really fun to meet someone with similar interests and it's easy to get comfortable with them!

I actually often wonder if the gentlemen have any such interests… 😆 After all, anime and Japanese pop culture is so popular, that someone might even be a casual fan just because it looks fun or reminds them of their childhood. It'd be really interesting to meet someone like that, don't you think? 😝

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