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The Diary of Riene: 12/10/2020

The Diary of Riene: 12/10/2020

Exciting stuff! I've been working on a little something that will be posted after my managers have cleared it, and it is my sincere hope that it will be something that helps plenty of our registered members!

Well, it's TGIM for me! I'm super excited as I'm going to have a steak dinner with my friend tomorrow, and then a have a picnic with another two friends on Wednesday!

Speaking of which, I promised to post some pictures last week, didn't I? Here's my super amazing, super fluffy, super yummy pancakes from Fluff Stack!!!

I assure you, they taste as delicious as they look! And a WHOLE mango!!!! That was the best part, as my favourite fruit is a mango! My best friend ordered the Tiramisu pancakes, and the combination of the bitter espresso (in the little jug) with the sweet pancakes was simply divine.

My drink is called the Jigoku – a cold brew coffee drink with plenty of cream and sugar. It tastes like coffee ice cream and candy – which is to say, hella sweet. Maybe that's why they call it Jigoku (Japanese for hell)… 🤪 It was sweet enough to make my throat hurt and cough quite a bit after tasting it, though it was yummy nonetheless!

And goodness, I think you could count the number of posts I make that AREN'T about food on one hand… I'm sorry if you all are bored reading, but food is one of the only joys in my life 😂 Otherwise my life would basically revolve around work and little else… And we all know what work is like, LOL. Maybe I should start calling this the Food Diary of Riene 😅 Well then, see you again in a few days, and remember, take care and be safe!

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