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The Diary of Riene: 17/10/2010

The Diary of Riene: 17/10/2010

I almost forgot to post this today! Well, it's not like the past couple days have been totally inactive, but this staff diary is one of my favourite parts of the day!

Have you seen our latest feature on the best restaurants in Singapore? It took me hours of research and trawling through lots and lots of reviews to figure out what would be best for each cuisine! I couldn't really make it too long either, and I already had 5 cuisines to touch on for a total of 15 featured restaurants. 😱

Honestly, I have not eaten at any of these places, so I cannot guarantee for myself if they are that tasty. But well, they are renowned, some even worldwide, not to mention that they have literally hundreds of reviews and ratings! So, that many people can't be that wrong, right?

I wish I had the opportunity to eat in some of these restaurants, haha! But unfortunately, I can really only dream of it, never to go to a single one… (okay, maybe one or two if I am very, very lucky… and willing to spend the money…).

If you haven't taken a look though, please check it out! For the gentlemen, maybe you will find your next go-to restaurant for a date! Or for the ladies, you could suggest it to your loving sugar daddies!

As for me… well, I'll be here, waiting to finally have the opportunity to go to one! This was a short one, but see you tomorrow!

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