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7 Romantic Date Ideas For Every Phase!

7 Romantic Date Ideas For Every Phase!

It's Phase 3 now, and that means more restrictions have been eased! Of course, that doesn't mean it's a free pass to do anything you want – but you can have a fun and thoughtful date for sure! Wondering how to plan a date? Worry no more – here are 7 things you can do on our sunny red dot!

Enjoy a Movie

A classic date idea simply can't go wrong! Have a delicious meal, then head to a premium cinema to enjoy the latest blockbuster hit or romantic comedy! Check out the Gold Class halls that Golden Village VivoCity or Suntec City offer – centralised with easy access! Or, check out the Platinum Hall at EagleWing Cinematics for a quieter, yet no less premium experience.

These exclusive cinema experiences often offer amenities that make the cinemagoing experience that much better – think super comfortable, fully-reclinable leather seats, USB charging, a blanket, a personal concierge, a lounge to chill out in pre-movie… The extra costs are more than worth it!

Of course, do check with your lady what kind of movie she would like to watch, and make sure it's something both of you would like, for maximum enjoyment! It's a surefire way to get to know each other better – simply discuss the movie after the date and share your impressions with each other!

Try A Sake Appreciation Workshop

Here's something you've probably never heard of before – a Sake Appreciation Workshop! This is for everyone who loves both Japan and a good drink! Sure, we all know that sake is an alcoholic beverage from Japan… but what else do you really know about it? With this workshop, you get to taste some of the finest sake from Japan and learn more about its history! A win-win for the Japan culture lovers!

We recommend this workshop after a meal (but not too heavy!), since this workshop is about 2 and a half hours long. Plus, it's never a good idea to drink alcohol on an empty stomach. So take your time to eat, before you drink and dive into all that culture!

Shop and Dine At Premier Locations

Singapore might be small and packed with shopping centres on every corner, but that doesn't mean it's all bad.

Just take Jewel Changi Airport for example. Sure, we can't travel now, but several of its attractions are open already, such as the Canopy Park or Shiseido Forest Valley for a scenic walk. And who could forget the iconic indoor waterfall, the Rain Vortex? Not to mention that it has a good number of upscale restaurants serving tasty food, making it a fantastic all-in-one option.

Or, there's always Marina Bay Shoppes. Jam-packed with restaurants by world-famous chefs, serving up tantalising fare from various cuisines, there's something to suit everybody! It's the perfect place to impress your date – and with its retail options, could even let you gift her something extra for those special occasions!

Food and Theatre at Andsoforth

Yes, this immersive theatrical dining experience is open! And if you have never heard of it, Andsoforth is a restaurant that combines your meal with a staged play, with a new, fascinating theme every few months! As of the time of writing, you can satisfy your wanderlust with the current theme of Around The World in 80 Days!

This is definitely one for the outgoing and adventurous lot, as you will be expected to participate and interact with the cast and crew! After all, you are not only the audience, but also an actor. Even with safe distancing measures in place, reviews have been raving! Perhaps it's even a good thing for a more intimate experience with your date!

*Do note that the location is secret until 24 hours before the event, so please check and make sure that you and your date are comfortable with this!

Take in Nature at Gardens by the Bay

Done with your meal at Marina Bay Shoppes? Well, you can't go wrong with a trip to the scenic Gardens by the Bay! Some of its attractions are open at the time of writing, such as Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and OCBC Skyway! And yes, these are air-conditioned, thankfully, so that neither you nor your date have to sweat it out!

Take a long, slow walk with your date, and get to know each other as you do so. Take some photos as mementoes if you so wish, or let your date indulge in taking photos for the 'Gram! Either way, this provides a beautiful setting for you and your partner to get to know each other. Sparks may fly amidst the lush scenery… who knows?

National Gallery

Maybe you haven't visited the National Gallery since you were a kid going for a learning journey, or you just pass by it every once in a while and think, "Eh, nice building, I guess." But it's a lot more than that, I assure you! Not only is it a historic building full of culture and art, but there are also several restaurants and bars on the premises. Take your pick – there's French, Chinese, Japanese, and more!

This is definitely one for the culture or history buffs out there. It may also be a great place to bring a foreign date if they do not know much about Singapore! It's always worth a trip in my opinion – the architecture, art, and food are all simply stunning! In fact, just try exploring the entire Civic District (including the nearby Arts House, Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall, and more). Even if you're not one for the arts, the food will certainly more than make up for it!

Watch Theatre at the Esplanade and More

Yes, live performances have begun again! Have you caught any theatre shows – or perhaps you just don't know what to watch? Some of Singapore's biggest theatre companies can't go wrong – check out SRT, Wild Rice or Pangdemonium for a cultured and fun night out! Of course, don't go choosing a sombre and serious show for your first date. A comedy, or romance, would be perfect! Or even a musical performance!

A special mention goes out to the Esplanade, for it boasts a fantastic view of the city skyline with its many dining options. Some of them are definitely upscale enough for a fancy dinner with your sugar baby to impress her! For other theatres, do check around the area and make sure you have somewhere good to dine!

So what did you think of these ideas? Will you be planning one out already, or do you have other ideas? We hope this gives you an idea of what you can do and elevate your dating experience to something even better!

Posted by on 30/1/2021