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The Diary of Riene: 22/10/2020

The Diary of Riene: 22/10/2020

Good evening! Boy, the weather sure has been something lately! For a few days, it was so hot that it was hard to sleep, and then it got so cold and rainy that it was nice… and back to being super hot. Ahh, seriously, the weather needs to calm down.

With a few interviews lined up over the next few days, I really really hope that the weather won't be bad! I want to take nice photos…!

I hope my photography is getting better… In fact, in the beginning, my photos were really bad LOL A lot of the time, it was out of focus, or the composition was bad, or I didn't know how to handle the lighting properly. Ah, those were the days… I even cried at home after my very first shoot because it was so bad. 😅😅

At least I can now say with pride that my photos have improved! I actually used to take product photos as part of my old job, and photography was a module I learnt back in school. But it had been so long since that I forgot so many things…

Of course, I'm glad to get back into it now. It's quite satisfying to see visual representations of improvement~ Furthermore, it sure is nice to know that it's a big selling point for us, and being told my photos are getting better makes me so happy~

You'll see more soon in our New Female Members section, I'm sure! Please do stay tuned for more as we grow!

Posted by on 22/10/2020