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The Diary of Riene: 6/11/2020

The Diary of Riene: 6/11/2020

Well, it's certainly been quite the ride for the world the past few days, hasn't it? I'm not going to go on a political spiel, don't worry, but I just wanted to say, it really has been kind of crazy!

At least my home and work life hasn't been that wild 🤣 Yup, I just spent a very relaxing day catching up on a show and sleeping (yep, no progress on the books even though I said I would work through them… oh well!), and then another being out with my best friend! We had some very good dimsum and Chinese tea – it was something I actually hadn't eaten in a long time!

Coming back to work yesterday was also a flurry of meetings and work to be done, and yep, I was busy to the point I couldn't write a blog yesterday… So thank goodness I cleared everything then and have a little more free time today! Granted, there was another interview to be done with a gentleman today, but I managed everything quite well, I think!

There's still more of course, since I will have to help take care of our Taiwan branch's operations and I need to relearn a couple of things… Please wish me good luck throughout! And that I don't embarrass myself in Chinese T_T That's probably one of my biggest fears, considering that I have already embarrassed myself with the mistakes I have made in Japanese at times… 😰

I will keep on doing my best for sure though! Hwaiting~

Posted by on 6/11/2020