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The Diary of Riene: 2/11/2020

The Diary of Riene: 2/11/2020

Happy November! I guess I'm a day late, but once again I was really quite busy yesterday, juggling tasks from both the Singapore branch and International branch ^^;

I will also be helping out the Taiwanese branch at times, so it's high time I brushed up on my Chinese again! I really don't think I've used this much Chinese since my secondary school days… And to be frank, I was really quite bad at it.

How bad, you might ask? It was the only subject I failed at O Levels, while I got As for almost everything else and a B for Additional Math. Yeah, that bad. I probably have more confidence in my Japanese than Chinese, and it isn't even that good!

Enough lamentation for now, I guess…! It's time to buck up like I haven't done in many years~ May my teachers finally be proud of me, deep down~

Other than that, I hope that everyone has had a safe and enjoyable weekend! My weekend begins tomorrow, heh heh… I'll be having another nice meal with my best friend (and yes, the blog image is a hint to what we're having, LOL). Besides that, I gotta catch up on all the anime I haven't watched, and all the books I haven't read!

I'll let you know how much progress I've made once I come back on Thursday 😆😆 Take care and see you again soon, everyone!

Posted by on 2/11/2020