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The Diary of Riene: 15/11/2020

The Diary of Riene: 15/11/2020

It’s been a full week since I last posted 😱 How has everyone been doing?

Well, I’ve been really busy the past week after coming back from my rest days… Multiple interviews every day (male and female alike!) and lots of profiles to upload and post… Before I knew it, it would be the end of the day and I wouldn’t have any time left to do a simple blog post!

During one of the meetings with a gentleman, I was asked a really interesting question. Plenty of ladies have the beauty, intelligence and social skills in meeting and building relationships with men on their own, so why try sugar dating – especially if their main goals are having mentorship and connections instead of merely financial support?

It wasn’t really something I had pondered before, but it was something I could answer almost immediately. For any ladies reading this blog, perhaps you can understand why?

Basically, all the women I know have at least one story of receiving unwanted advances from a man in the workplace, whether from a customer or even a colleague. Being overly cold and professional earns us nasty nicknames, while being warm and friendly can be mistaken as flirting. And then it becomes awkward, or earns us nicknames of another sort, or worse…

Even me, lol. While I don’t really have qualms about how I look, I am also aware that I don’t really look conventionally attractive. Despite that, I’ve gotten hit on by a couple of the men I have met for introductory meetings, and it has always been deeply uncomfortable. I am just a staff member, and I’m attached to boot! It’s not for me to be a sugar baby 💦

Anyway, my point is that building relationships in the workplace can be tough and quite a difficult balancing act for ladies. Our intentions can frequently get mistaken for something else entirely – and I can imagine how much harder this balance is for all the ladies who are way prettier and better educated than me!

Furthermore, when on a regular old dating site, or meeting new people through friends, etc, the expectation is to date romantically. Trying to build connections through such methods is probably even harder since you never really know who you are meeting, and most other people DON’T want to be there for business/career reasons.

Now, sugar dating provides an alternative avenue to advance one’s interests without facing these issues. There is a clear expectation of what the relationship should be – financial support, career advice, mentorship etc, while being able to engage in a personal relationship and not worry about acting professional! Mixing business with pleasure is certainly the best of both worlds here.

Before I knew it, I’ve gone on and rambled a lot, haven’t I… 🤣 Some food for thought as we head into a new week I suppose! Have a pleasant evening everyone, and don’t let Monday blues get you down~!

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