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The Diary of Riene: 20/11/2020

The Diary of Riene: 20/11/2020

TGIF! …is what I would say if I had a regular work week, but as usual, it's just the start LOL And as usual, I most definitely did not do anything productive during my days off (unless you count level grinding in a game as productive…)

And yesterday (plus today!), well… it's been pretty busy lately for sure, lol! I'm actually kind of worried I won't have time to do my posts the next few days 😅😅

I wonder if everyone has read my post on the 15th about the balance ladies must have when navigating their professional and personal relationships. It got me thinking even more about the other side!

Basically… why do men want to do sugar dating, when they probably meet lots of beautiful and capable women often, such as at networking events, social circles or online? What’s the benefit for them?

OK, so I've actually written a post discussing this too, way back when I just joined 🤣 But it's interesting to think about again. And you can read it too if you're interested~ One thing I didn't really mention however is how gentlemen, married or not, are often just looking for something new and interesting, someone different from what they usually have come to expect. Maybe they prefer meeting someone for a simple dinner and have a casual night out, rather than have a boring business-related discussion over a meal (which they probably do already, countless times…). In short – the simple joy of a meal with a beautiful lady, built on attraction and interest, rather than business and needs!

Really, that kind of companionship and connection can be worth more than cold, hard dollars and cents. It might not really seem like much, but here is one situation where "money doesn't buy happiness" really applies – one may be flush with cash, but without something to truly engage them (be it a hobby, interests, or another person), it's not everything.

Hmm, that's enough food for thought for today! I hope that everyone will have a lovely weekend ahead, while I continue to do my best as a concierge for Universe Club!

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