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The Diary of Riene: 16/11/2020

The Diary of Riene: 16/11/2020

Another Monday, another start of the week, and how's everyone doing? Except that it's the end of the workweek for me and I'm feeling pretty happy because I really need the rest, haha! It's been a really, really busy week for me, going out for interviews every day, like I said yesterday… yawns!

At least today was spent indoors, catching up on all the profiles to be uploaded to our members' website, and other paperwork I needed to complete. I still have another to go though, lol! And then on Thursday, there will be 4 meetings packed into that day~

As for how I'm gonna spend my days off… well, I keep saying I'm gonna try to catch up on books and anime, but by now, I think we all know that's not really gonna happen, is it… 😅😅 I'll try anyway, but I also got addicted to a game recently. Maybe you've heard of Gens**n Impact…? One of my favourite games is the inspiration for it, so I've just been playing it like crazy on my own gaming laptop and phone~ Last week, I played it till 2am on Wednesday night only to remember I had work the next day… Yeah, it's addictive. Oops~ 😝

Though, games that allow exploration like that really are one of the best! I'm still trying to be careful and not go out unless I have to, so the escapism that games provide is really important to me. I can play with my friends around the world as well, which makes it even better – we may not be able to meet in real life, but at least we can still have fun together!

Now that it's nearly time to clock out, I'll be off to have dinner and play more, heh~ See you again in a few days!!

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