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The Diary of Riene: 4/12/2020

The Diary of Riene: 4/12/2020

Oh my goshhh, it's been nearly 2 weeks since I last posted! I can't believe how busy I've been lately… There's been lots of interviews, and a lot of meetings, dates to schedule, paperwork etc… I only just managed to finish the bulk of work before getting some time to post this!

Well, Happy December to everyone! 2020 is nearly ending (finally!), and we can all only hope that 2021 will actually be a better year. It really feels like the past year has gone on forever.

I think one of the biggest things for me was having hardly anything big to look forward to. I'm an avid concert- and anime convention-goer, and I'd usually spend at least 1 or 2 weekends a month out at such events. And this year, well… of course, there was nothing. There are online versions with livestreams and such, but of course, the feeling is totally different.

The saddest thing for me was being unable to watch one of my favourite independent artistes perform – I had been dying to watch him at last (I've been a fan for over 5 years!), and he had landed in Singapore… only to have his performance cancelled shortly before the circuit breaker. And I still don't know when he can perform again T_T Sure, I've watched his livestreams, but again – the feeling just isn't the same…

I can't wait for things to go back to (relative) normal, at least in the arts and entertainment scene. I truly miss going to concerts and enjoying live music, or having fun at anime conventions and buying merchandise and fangirling with my friends… Those really were the days I took for granted!

What is it everyone misses most about "normal" life, I wonder? Let me know if you want in the comments~ I'm interested to hear your thoughts too!

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