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Celebrating our 9th anniversary

Celebrating our 9th anniversary

We would like to thank all our members for their support through this challenging year.

As 2020 near its end, we will be entering our 9th year of service, all thanks to our members.

We can not thank them enough for their continued support.

With little time to spare for 2020, we would like to present and show gratitude to the members that have supported Universe Club with the following events starting from next year.

The three events for our 9th anniversary will be:
– Date 2 get 1 free
– Referral bonus benefits
– The Auction


Service period

The 3rd of January 2021 to the 31st of January 2021


Receive your 3rd date free of charge for the same class or lower from the highest class you dated from your previous two dates.

Example: Date with a Gold and Platinum class ladies → receive your free 3rd date with your choice of a lady in the Platinum class or lower.

The 3rd date will be free of charge once the previous two dates have been finalized with the arrangement fees settled and confirmed. (*1)
・Appicable for reoccurring times
・The free 3rd date will be valid until the 28th of February.
・If the gentleman member cancels the date, the free date will become invalid.
・The free date will be kept valid if the lady cancels the date, to be used to reschedule the date with the same or different lady.
・The free date will also be given with a combination of “OnLINE dates” and “Letter dates.” (A 3rd free date in person will be valid for combinations with the 1st date and 2nd date both being online or letter dates)
・Can not be used in conjunction with other promotions or discounts.


How to apply

After you have cleared (*1), please enter “Get 1 free” in your date request through the member’s website.
If you send a date request through our LINE or WhatsApp accounts, or with a phone call, please mention “Get 1 Free” to be eligible to use this event.

*The event will not be eligible when informed after a date offer has been confirmed.


An additional 1,200 pt will be given to both the introducing member and to the introduced member.
The 1,200 pt will be added to our current complementary points referral program:

Black class registration: 1,780 pt
Platinum class registration: 1,180 pt
Gold class registration: 930 pt
Standard class registration: 830 pt

1pt = $1 SGD, and can be used for arrangement and membership renewal fees.

The points will be given to both the introducing member and the introduced member, according to the class the introduced member registers.

Will be applicable when current members inform Universe Club of the referring person’s: method and 4.registering branch.
Once the above detail is received, we will contact the referred person to start the registration process.

・Eligible for registrations completed with the payment of the annual membership fee until the 31st of January.
・Eligible for annual membership registrations only.
・This event will not be eligible for members informing they were introduced after their registration. Please always notify you have been referred before your registration.
・Not eligible for re-registering members.
・Can not be used in conjunction with other promotions, discounts, and affiliate programs. If used in conjunction with the other services, the points will be deducted from both the introducing and introduced member.


・Post schedule of newly registered ladies profile
Nagoya 1/4 (Mon), Tokyo 1/5 (Tue), Osaka 1/6 (Wed), Yokohama 1/7 (Thu), Omiya 1/8 (Fri), Kyoto 1/9 (Sat), Tokyo 1/10 (Sun), Chiba 1/11 (Mon), Kobe 1/12 (Tue), Fukuoka 1/13 (Wed), Sapporo 1/14 (Thu), Tokyo 1/15 (Fri), Sendai 1/16 (Sat), Hiroshima 1/17 (Sun), Okinawa 1/18 (Mon)

The biding period will be up to 3 days after the ladies’ profile has been posted, starting from 11 am on the first day to 6 pm on the third day.

The Nagoya branch lady’s bidding period will be from 1/4 (Mon) 11 am to 1/6 (Wed) 6 pm.
The Osaka branch lady’s bidding period will be from 1/6 (Wed) 11 am to 1/8 (Fri) 6 pm.

The eligible ladies for the bidding will have the title “The Auction (branch) (Club name)”
Please view the ladies from the “Pick up” status on our PC members website’s top page or from the list view of ladies on our mobile member’s website.


How to apply

Please enter “Bidding (Your bidding amount)” in your date request through the member’s website.

・The bidding can only be in Japanese Yen and in 1 yen units.
*Please ask your registered branch for an estimated Yen exchange from your local currency.
・The bidding will start with the arrangement fee of which the lady is registered.
(Starting bidding rates: Balck class ladies / 100,000 yen, Platinum class ladies / 50,000 yen, Gold class ladies / 30,000 yen, Standard class ladies / 20,000 yen)
・The regular arrangement rates will be used if there is no bidding amount entered in the data request form.
・If there are two or more gentlemen with the same hights bid, a second bidding session will take place with those members.
・The lady will be notified beforehand she has been chosen for the Auction.

Please feel free to contact your registered branch with any questions regarding the 9th anniversary events.

We hope you will be able to have a pleasant and happy new year.

New Years Holiday announcement

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