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The Diary of Riene: 22/1/2021

The Diary of Riene: 22/1/2021

Another week since I got to post…! Well, I actually was ill for a couple of days (nothing respiratory, don't worry!), so I only just started my work week, lol~

Well, I've had quite an interesting week though! I revamped my bedroom with new furniture, and it's so comfy! I was actually kind of sad at first, because I've had my old bed since I was a secondary school student – that's more than a decade ago! But this new bed is really nice too, and I also managed to fit a new desk to work from.

My old set up was in the dining room, and honestly it wasn't really conducive – family members would be outside talking, watching TV etc, while I had to try and focus… I didn't have space in my room till now to actually set everything up! I even got one of those legless "lazy chairs" to put on my bed so that I can work more comfortably. I even got a new pillow to replace my decade-old, now-totally-flat pillow LOL

I think I'm quite the sentimental person, I have a bad tendency to basically hoard and keep old things even when I don't use them anymore because of the memories. I have gifts and letters from friends in my primary and secondary school days to boot – THAT'S how sentimental I get! But I also know sometimes you just have to throw things away… Maybe it's a new year and new me, hey?

What's everyone's new year resolutions? I don't really have much beyond "survive and hope 2021 is better than 2020" to be honest, but revamping my living and working space seems to be a good start to the rest of the year~ Well, do take care and signing off for now, it's Riene!

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