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The Diary of Riene: 28/1/2021

The Diary of Riene: 28/1/2021

Hello again~ It's another Thursday, and again the start of a work week for me 😂 Meanwhile everyone else is excited about the week ending for them~

I've had quite a good "weekend"! I went to a good friend's place and cooked with her, before we watched our favourite K-pop group's new music video and showcase! Then yesterday was my parents' 30th wedding anniversary, so we had a nice family dinner~

30 years is a long time to be together, I think…! Of course, we aren't a marriage agency, and I don't even know if we have ever had any cases of a long term romantic relationship resulting from a sugar daddy and sugar baby match… But building a long term relationship (no matter what kind) really takes trust and commitment!

It just got me thinking again, so maybe… Some people actually do join our club in the hopes of finding a romantic, long-term partner, and I definitely wish you all the best! It's a bit difficult with our club, maybe, but don't lose hope, okay~?

Aaand once again I've rambled for quite a bit, lol. See you again soon!

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