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The Diary of Riene – 8/4/2021

The Diary of Riene – 8/4/2021

Good evening everyone~ It's quite the rainy and dreary Thursday today, isn't it?

I've been able to have a bit more time today, so I was able to write this! It's really nice weather for sleeping, to be honest, and since I'm still working from home, the temptation to take a nap is always there… Alright, I won't really do that of course, but the comfort of being at home is truly hard to give up!

Well then, has everyone seen our female member referral promotion? We've had one for male members for a while now, and we introduced this female member promotion last year, but Covid destroyed our plans… But! We're back with an updated promotion, so I really hope ladies take a look and encourage their friends to join!

I think some people might feel as though having more people join would mean more competition… However that's not quite the case. We have had potential male members decide not to join as they felt we did not have enough members, even when they were interested in a few. With more ladies in our ranks, gentlemen will certainly be much more willing to join, thereby making more date offers as they are encouraged by the wide variety available!

I talk about this quite frankly as we are quite a small club still, and we're still growing. The past year is still having lingering effects on us – if you remember, we actually mentioned our fear of having to close in 2020… While we have survived thus far, we do rely on our wonderful members to keep us growing! We are the only one of our kind in Singapore after all.

Yes! So do let us know if you have any friends who are interested in joining us! We are excited to welcome more and more new members, making Universe Club ever bigger and better!

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