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The Diary of Riene – 22/4/2021

The Diary of Riene – 22/4/2021

Hello again! How has everyone's week been so far? Hopefully, with it being Friday real soon, I'm sure everyone's pretty excited for the weekend! Though, I wonder if plans have been disrupted with the rain lately… Yep, it's been raining really badly. I can only hope that the interviews and photoshoots I'm doing the next couple of days will turn out well!

Over the past 2 days (my own weekend, as it were!) I've been gaming a lot. And by a lot, I mean that it took up almost the whole of my Tuesday, and well into the wee hours of Wednesday morning… my friend, who had awoken for her pre-dawn meal, was surprised that I was still awake LOL  As for what I've been playing… it's Yakuza 0! While quite the renowned game, I probably can't find many people around me who like it 😂 And maybe the type of people to read these blogs are like, what the hell is that? 😂😂😂

However, if you like action games with a deep plot, balanced with fantastic humour, I really recommend the game! Once I finish it, I'm moving on to the 6 other games in the series… To be honest, the main reason I got into the game was that I'm a massive fan of the voice actor that plays the lead character, but the story and gameplay really won me over even more! After I'm done with work for the day, I'll probably spend another few hours playing before I have to sleep 🤣

If anyone has any recommendations for similar games (role-playing games with good storylines), please let me know~ LOL

Well, that was another glimpse into my day-to-day life! I wonder if everyone's impression of me will have changed, knowing my usual self that's dedicated to work is this much of a nerd~ I'll see you guys for another instalment of my diary tomorrow!

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