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The Diary of Riene – 23/4/2021

The Diary of Riene – 23/4/2021

Today's weather has been quite a pleasant surprise, hasn't it? With the heavy rain of the past few days, I was actually kind of worried about the weather… All was well especially for today's photoshoot though, the previews of which I will be posting soon!! It's actually a reshoot, and about 9 months since I last met this lady. I'm quite proud of how far my photography skills have come in the months since, there's quite a difference when I view the photos I took last year and now!

Speaking of photography, our company has a group chat where the staff submit our best photos and describe any tips and tricks we have to produce said shot! I wasn't too confident of submitting anything at first… However, the first one I submitted actually ranked as the best for the month of March! It really took me aback, because I wasn't expecting that at all, and it gave me such a massive boost of confidence!

Honestly, I always feel a tad unsure when I get praise for the photos I've taken. It feels like it's all the camera's work, since it's such a top-notch camera with amazing prime lenses… But I should probably stop putting myself down like that 🤣 There's a lot of obvious improvement when I compare the photos I took a year ago when I first started and now, and that really pushes me to continue doing better – not just in photography, but all my other skills too.

I'm always grateful to the ladies, who are immensely patient with me too! If not for them, I wouldn't even have anything to shoot LOL I always hope I manage to shoot photos in the most flattering way that reflects their true beauty, and so far, it seems to work well enough~ Thank you everyone for your confidence in me, and I'll continue delivering the best service I can!

Posted by on 23/4/2021