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The Diary of Riene – 26/4/2021

The Diary of Riene – 26/4/2021

What a day today~ Starting off bright and sunny before a torrential downpour! I was scouting out locations for better photoshoots today, and it was quite hard! First I was out in the sweltering heat… And walking around a whole lot! I had a dear friend who helped to be my model of the day so I could figure out good angles and lighting for portrait shots!

I was also so fascinated by the architecture in the area (even ones I'd seen a hundred times), that I took some shots of the buildings and such of my own! Yup, like that shot of the Esplanade in the header… that's mine!

After lunch, it began raining really heavily, and we had both forgotten our umbrellas… So we had to stay in and figure out wet weather contingency plans, lol! However, I'm certain that I will be able to deliver more stunning, amazing photos for everybody in time!

Really though… doing photography in Singapore sure can be a bother at times, from lugging around heavy equipment to trying to ensure that we don't get in the way of members of the public, and not getting chased away by security guards lol! I learned a lot today though, tiring as it was~

It's my hope that with the new techniques learnt and growing experience, I will be able to bring out the true beauty of our lovely sugar babies, and impress our discerning sugar daddies!

And as always, if anyone has any tips for me, please let me know~ 😂 I'll see everyone again real soon, signing off now~

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