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Safe Sugar Dating During The Heightened Alert ❤

Safe Sugar Dating During The Heightened Alert ❤

With the new restrictions kicking in tomorrow, we have received enquiries about how we will be handling dates and interviews during this period.

In case you are confused, here's a quick summary of the relevant restrictions from May 16 to June 13 as of the time of writing:
1. No dining-in allowed. All eateries will offer only delivery or takeaway options.
2. Social gatherings are limited to a maximum of 2 people.
3. Every household is limited to 2 unique visitors a day.
4. Staycations are still allowed, with a maximum of 2 people from different households staying together (eg a couple, or 2 friends).

Basically, physical dates will be extremely limited, as there won't be any restaurants open, and while you could technically go out on a date, there won't be much to do. Therefore…

Date Alternatives!

1. Escort Date Plan

No, not "escort" as in sex, but escort as in escorting a lady to and fro a venue!

The gentleman will have to book a hotel room for two (whether a daycation or for a night). Pick up the lady at a location convenient for her, drive her to the hotel, check in, and enjoy a meal together via room service. Get to know each other in the privacy and comfort of a luxury hotel room!

With that said, this is never an explicit invitation for sex. Gentlemen, please remain respectful throughout the date! If the date ends without intimacy, do respect that and gently escort the lady back home!

2. Escort Date Plan – Home

For our trusted Black/Platinum class members, the above date plan can also apply if you wish to invite the lady to your home instead. Again, please treat the lady with utmost kindness and respect even though she is going over to your place! And of course, please ensure that your home is clean and tidy to receive a guest~

3. Online Dates

We offer two online date services – the letter date service, and video date service.

In case you didn't feel like clicking on the above links, a quick summary is as follows:
– For the letter date, the gentleman's contact number/LINE/Telegram ID etc is given to the lady. Then, both parties can begin communicating via text and get to know each other better. An especially good option if you aren't able to do video calls!
– For the online video date, a Zoom call/Google meet will be set up. A staff member will coordinate the date for the first few minutes to ensure there aren't any technical issues, and to introduce the sugar daddy and sugar baby to each other. Chat and get to know each other over a call!

Member Registrations

OK, now I hear you ask… what about registrations? Don't we usually do interviews in person, with a photoshoot to boot for the ladies?

Instead, we will be doing online interviews for the next few weeks, until restrictions have been lifted. For the ladies, we'll need you to send over your photos, and we will then arrange a photoshoot at a later time! Identity verification will also be done over the video call, so simply prepare your ID before the interview~

With all these in place, we are more than happy to continue welcoming new members into Universe Club, and accepting date offers! As always, we are open for any enquiries and would be happy to assist you further! Take care and stay safe, and we will see you really soon!

Posted by on 15/5/2021